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Justice system broken

I am appalled at our judiciary system.

Loren Herzog murdered four people that we know of for sure, and probably others, but gets out of prison because his rights are violated? What about the victims? Their rights weren’t just violated, they were totally erased.

Then there’s Singleton, and what he did to 15-year-old Mary Vincent. Beat, raped, then chopped off her arms and left her to die. He only spent eight and a half years in prison. She got mutilated for life.

And now the Garridos, Phillip and Nancy. They grab little Jaycee Dugard off the street, hide her away, then treat her like an animal, kept her prisoner for 18 years. A little girl that never hurt anyone.

Here are some rights they took away from her: going to school, school parties, birthday parties, family vacations, sleepovers with girl friends, junior prom, movies with friends, a loving family, shopping for school clothes with mom, seeing her baby sister grow up, her first date, going to school games with friends, trick-or-treating, family holidays.

All the things that growing up entails.

Brutally raped over and over, forced into motherhood while still a child herself. And now we are spending all this money on them. After all the horrors the put little Jaycee through, we’re concerned about their rights? They lost all their rights the day they kidnapped little Jaycee.

Why do they need a trial? We already know what they did. They were caught red-handed. They don’t deserve to live. Eighteen years, that’s about one forth of a life time.

When did the criminal’s rights become more important than the victim’s rights? And why?

Margaret Starnes

Grass Valley

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