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Jackson: Same workout, different results

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It’s just not fair! You and your exercise partners have been working out together for months, and they are achieving their desired results, and you are simply frustrated. Honestly, some people just don’t “deserve” the way they look and may take too much credit for their results.

There are myriad potential causes for this. Here are a few:

Exercise history: If you have never exercised, it will take your body some time to acclimate. You will need to start slower than a seasoned, albeit de-conditioned exercise participant. Your results may also be slower in coming — at least initially. Conversely, if you have more exercise history than your partner, you may be ill-matched and may need to step it up!

Poor health: If you have health problems, your exercise may not result in weight loss at first. Your body may use your new healthy exercise habit to help address your health condition first. Remember, health is an inside job.

Genetics: You really can blame your parents for your overall body shape and some health conditions. And obviously, you can’t compare your genetic background with your workout partners’. Focus on the things you can control!

Metabolism: How you process stored fat and calories is a complex system. Some of this process is genetic, some is determined by history, and some is possible to change with better lifestyle choices. There is no comparing your metabolism to someone else’s since your family and lifestyles have been completely different.

Diet: What we eat, how much we eat, the quality of the food we eat, when we eat, the ratio of different food groups we eat, even the company we keep when we eat all make up our unique “diet.” And while our diet ultimately can affect our weight, it is much too complex to compare.

My motto is to strive to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be and trust in the exercise, regardless of comparative results. Exercise is always the right answer!

Scott Jackson, CSCS, MES, B.S. physical in education, owner of Scott Jackson’s Real Life Fitness Personal Training Services in Nevada City, is an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist, medical exercise specialist and an IDEA master trainer. Email questions to scott@reallifefitness.net, call 530-265-4041 or visit http://reallifefitness.net for information.

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