Is your cat addicted to junk food? |

Is your cat addicted to junk food?

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Special to The Union
Choosing the right food for your cat can help him live a long, healthy, and active life.
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I recently had the pleasure of snuggling up to a very friendly feline named Mao (as in Meow). She is so beautiful that I could hardly keep from kidnapping her. I asked my friend what she gave Mao to make her fur so soft and keep her fit. Her answer truly surprised me.

She told me that when she adopted Mao her fur was dull and matted, plus she was overweight.

Because Mao was her first cat, she decided to read a book about cats and she chose “Your Cat” by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins. Surprisingly, one of the main culprits in cat obesity is dry cat food.

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they must eat meat. According to Hodgkins, dry cat food is not a healthy alternative because it can cause craving for more dry kibble. In fact, cats can become addicted to dry food and will forgo wet healthy food.

Not only is the dry food lacking proper nutrients, but it also can contribute to a fat cat. Dry food has been formulated to enhance craving. I can relate to that because I love potato chips and I can’t eat just one. Obviously makers of cat food have figured out ways to make kibble irresistible too.

If your cat is hooked on dry food, you can break the habit by getting quality canned wet food and substituting it for the kibble. The change should help with weight and other health concerns.

Of course it’s important to monitor quantity and watch those treats. As Mao would say, her diet is the cat’s Meow.

Kathleen Williams-Miller is a volunteer at Churchill Animal Protection Society in Fallon, Nevada. She can be reached at

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