Instincts to nest kick in |

Instincts to nest kick in

What a nice surprise, you came down to Washington for a stroll around town! Yes, I know the daffodils and dandelions are long since blooming in Bigtown, but we’re about three weeks behind you. People are getting spring fever, though, and starting to do some post-winter sprucing up.

Katy Potter and Patrick are replacing their front porch courtesy of Ted Piland and Barry; their house is one of the oldest in town, built in 1865 or so. And just across the street from them, it looks like Bobby Huffing is on the home stretch with his remodeling job on the old Williams house he bought a couple of years ago. His hard work is really paying off; the place has never looked better.

Chuck and Dena Krausch have finally plowed through the required mountain of red tape and are making plans to get their manufactured home set up as soon as possible. They have a beautiful piece of land just up the hill from Chuck’s folks, Ray and Rene Krausch, and they can’t wait to finally settle in.

You can see Chuck walking up Washington Road almost every morning (don’t forget to wave as you go by) with his Jack Russell terrier, Jacky, pulling him along. Jacky weighs about 16 pounds and thinks he’s real tough as long as he’s on the other side of the fence. Dena still commutes to the Bay Area a few days a week for her job, and Chuck’s busy getting a garden ready for his dad.

Speaking of gardens, Mervelous Merv is building one for his Aunt Elaine: “She wants lots of home-grown tomatoes this year.”

No, we can’t stop at the store because you’ll get to talkin’ to the members of the Washington Welcoming Committee and we’ll never … Now, see how that goes? Everybody moved over a couple inches at the picnic table to give some settin’ room and two hours flew by just like that.

Joanne Santinelli got a computer not too long ago (I wondered why I never see her anymore) so she can e-mail her kids: twins Shelly Ruso and Leslie Scheuerman and oldest girl Candi Campbell. She told me about it when she came up to the school a few weeks ago for music lessons.

Oh, I didn’t tell you? On Monday afternoons Philip Copening comes up to the school for an hour and gives the kids lessons in music theory and appreciation. He’s a natural teacher; the students range in age from 5 to 14 and he makes every one of them feel special. You wouldn’t think a tiny country school like ours would have anything resembling a music program. Thanks to Mr. C, we’re doing just fine in that department.

Dale brought home several grocery bags full of great books thanks to Eloyce and Burl Rogers. I shlepped them out to the library intending to shelve them the next day, but several somebodies saved me the time by borrowing most of them overnight. That was fast!

Do you know Bigtowner Patty Fairweather? Her folks are John and Joanne Macrorie, and if you haven’t met John yet, you need to. “I wouldn’t trade him in for any other dad,” Patty said. “He’s a real keeper.”

I should say so! I met him by the sheerest chance in Alby’s parking lot, and he absolutely perked up my whole day – what a personality on that man! Patty, her two brothers and four sisters went on a three-day Ensenada cruise with mom and dad – sounds like a great family to me.

Yes, there’s more going on down here, but if you keep sittin’ down with the WWC, I’ll never get it all said.

Vivian Herron is a longtime resident of the town of Washington. You can write her in care of The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945.

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