Impeach judge for Prop. 8 ruling |

Impeach judge for Prop. 8 ruling

The institution of marriage is under attack by homosexual activists.

On Aug. 4, 2010, the Federal Judge Vaughn Walker ruled the Proposition 8 unconstitutional. He nullified seven million votes and the will of most Californians.

Judge Walker, a homosexual activist, declared same-sex marriage a constitutional right, contrary to the history of the human race. He called the traditional marriage “irrational and outmoded.” By his twisted logic he could also rule the laws against theft and murder unconstitutional.

It is not the role of the courts or the state to define marriage. It was permanently defined and blessed by God as a union of one man and one woman for the sake of procreation and a bond of mutual love. It is embedded in human nature and was recognized and respected in every culture in history and enshrined and protected by law and custom.

According to studies, only 6 percent of population of our country are homosexuals. Yet they try to intimidate 94 percent of citizens. They use fraudulent propaganda and questionable claims to sway the public opinion. Their goal is total acceptance of homosexuality as a valid alternative lifestyle.

Where did this war against marriage and family originate?

It started in 1848 when the Masonic Illuminati authorized Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels to write a “Communist Manifesto.” One of its goals was: “Abolish the family!” Lenin declared: “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” Communists hold the principle of “absolute equality,” rejecting all authority, including the authority of parents to educate their children.

Rule of equality lead to emancipation of women, to abandon the care of home and education of children, and to join the labor force in quest of personal fulfillment and career.

The tenet of absolute equality provided the theoretical foundation for the feminist destruction of morality. The leading American feminist, Rosemary Ruether, admitted that feminists actually lifted their matriarchal myth from Communism.

Economic independence was seen as the key to women’s liberation. Feminism demands freedom of choice in morality and the right to birth control, abortion, divorce and all kinds of sexual exploration (lesbianism, gay sex, same-sex marriage).

Judge Walker applied the principle of absolute equality to homosexual marriage as equal to traditional marriage of one man and one woman. Such ruling is irrational and absurd! A man cannot conceive a child by another man.

“Judge Walker willfully substituted his own private social theory and bias … for the Constitution, the common sense and millennia of human experience. It’s adolescent wish fulfillment,” commented Quinn Hillyer of The Washington Times.

On Aug. 16, 2010, The Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco stayed the ruling against the Marriage Amendment until the appellate court has time to hear the case. The final arguments to be heard the week of Dec. 6.

Even the notoriously liberal Ninth Circuit understood the chaos Judge Walker had recklessly unleashed. The next step would be to throw out Judge Walker’s entire ruling, as it reveals the extreme form of judicial activism.

To save our nation, the American Family Association calls on all interested citizens to contact their members of Congress and demand impeachment of Judge Walker.

Peter Pohorsky lives in Grass Valley.

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