Huge lightning rods are the answer |

Huge lightning rods are the answer

This has been a horrific week of fire, ash and burnt air. We all appreciate the valor, courage and strength of our firefighters who have fought long and hard. When and if you see one on the street, shake his hand for all of us.

Smoke stretches and belches from the high Sierras to the coast and tens of millions of dollars in timber resources have been wasted and thousands of firefighters battle a rage of nature, mainly the result of a rather unusual hot and dry spring and the impetuous riot of raw lightning.

But could we have mustered more foresight?

Can we do some Vulcan mind-melt and perceive some solution in the making?

I did some random interviews by phone and haphazard public meetings and have concluded with my fellow patriots that it is time for some old-fashioned reason and commonsense.

In summary it seems conclusive that we will, of course, need state public support and guidance, but the smartest solution I have heard is for us to have 100- to 200-foot lightning rods set on the various high and prominent hills and mountains. They will, of course, hopefully guide the 10,000,000 volts into the earth.

They use these same principles in New York City for protection. Why not here?

There must be some other solutions out there and I think the time is ripe for suggestion and implementation and hopefully some of it might reach our public and Tahoe Forest officials. Ultimately it is their responsibility to act wisely.

Adam DeFranco

North San Juan

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