How many dems will the Tea Party unwillingly help elect? |

How many dems will the Tea Party unwillingly help elect?

In spite of the rotten economy and the lack of jobs, there’s the two, long-term Democrat Congress persons of everything from tax evasion to influence pedaling, it is still possible for the Democrats to retain majorities in both Houses of Congress. Why?

Because the extremism of the Tea Party will either defeat mainstream Republican candidates in the primary like Nevada or will split the conservative vote thus giving the Democrats victories in November.

A good example of the latter case above is the recent election of a Democrat in an upstate N.Y. district that had been a Republican candidate so they put up their own candidate. Of course they split the conservative vote and the Democrat won. This should have been a lesson to Tea Partiers. It wasn’t. Nevada is a good example of this. In the Republican primary, the TP’s pushed aside a bunch of moderate Republicans to elect a woman who is to the right of Ghengis Khan. And all of a sudden the polls have completely flopped and Nevada’s Senator Reid – who had been written off as a sure loser – is now in the lead by a wide margin.

It’s okay to be angry about the socialist direction our country is going. But you have to be smart, too. Most Americans are middle-of-the-roaders, not extreme right or left. Extremist candidates are going to lose every time.

The Senate is likely to stay in Democrat control; and the House, which should have been a cake-walk for Republicans, will probably be up for grabs.

Dick Phillips

Alta Sierra

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