How about being able to go places without using the car? |

How about being able to go places without using the car?

How about being able to go places without using the car?

When my husband wanted to move our family back to his childhood home of Grass Valley, I told him, “Yes, it’s beautiful. But you have to get in the car to go everywhere!”

Other mothers told me I would get used to it. It’s been five years, and I’m still waiting for this to be true.

I’ve read with interest the comments in response to the op-ed pieces on the Loma Rica development. We’ve been on the mailing list for several years, waiting to see if we could actually live where we could walk to work, grab a cup of coffee and chat with our neighbors, or maybe even pick up something for dinner – all without getting in the car.

People who are against this community in the comments aren’t offering a better alternative. They seem to want to keep things the way they are. They worry about “commuters'” values.

If some of the values they’re trying to protect are constant driving to access services in town, no alternative to large land parcels, unwalkable communities (Alta Sierra) and an inaccessible downtown for pedestrians – I’m assuming they may also be against improving South Auburn, building a parking garage and uncovering the creek – then those are values I’m willing to take a stand against.

And maybe Loma Rica can help me provide the answer for our family – which, by the way, can work anywhere and afford to live in Loma Rica, thanks to the Internet.

Jenny Wells

Grass Valley

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