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‘Hotel Impossible’ to feature ‘undercover’ return to Holbrooke Hotel

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On Monday, a new episode of "Hotel Impossible" revisits the Holbrooke with an undercover team to see if Grass Valley’s historic hotel has changed its ways since the original broadcast.

Last March, the Travel Channel's series "Hotel Impossible" paid a visit to Grass Valley's Holbrooke Hotel for one of the reality TV show's hotel "makeovers" that help a struggling hotel not living up to its potential.

The broadcast of that visit appeared on the Travel Channel in September, and the show's star, Anthony Melchiorri, took the Holbrooke staff to task, including tough criticism on issues such as housekeeping and cleanliness standards. Owner Ian Garfinkel said dealing with such issues can be difficult with a 162-year-old building.

Through Melchiorri's guidance, however, the show left the Holbrooke in better shape, including the freshly painted and redecorated banquet area and a spruced up back patio.

In Monday's new episode, set to broadcast at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel, Melchiorri sends covert guests in to check up on the historic Holbrooke and Garfinkel, its musician-owner. Upon his return, Melchiorri finds issues still remain but is shocked when he witnesses a big blow up between the chef and the owner.

"Hotel Impossible Undercover" is a series of six half-hour specials in which Melchiorri returns to check up on properties he previously overhauled on past seasons of "Hotel Impossible." Following the run of specials, a new fourth season of "Hotel Impossible" premieres Jan. 27.

"Each hotel presents its own set of challenges — whether it's strong personalities, conflicting goals or just plain physical neglect of the hotel. For me, it can be emotionally exhausting to become so deeply invested in all of these properties with only a short window of time to help them," said Melchiorri. "However, I'm addicted to the excitement of pushing through these obstacles and leaving the owners with a newfound sense of hope and confidence for their future."

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