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Heard on the street

The Union asked area residents and visitors Tuesday how they felt about Kerry’s choice of John Edwards for his vice-presidential running mate.

“I don’t know if it’ll help or hurt his chances of winning, but I kind of wish he’d pick a more environment-friendly candidate.”

Matt Noel, 33

North San Juan

Green Party voter

“I don’t have any views of John Kerry and think that neither of them have any experience. Both are just senators.”

Ken Hall, 75

Nevada City


“This will persuade me more to vote for Kerry because Edwards represents women’s interests and public school interests.”

Anna Rainville, 20

Grass Valley

Democratic voter

“Since he couldn’t talk John McCain into it, I guess Edwards is the next best choice because the Democrats can’t win without getting votes from the South.”

John Runyan, 56

Lathrup Village, Mich.


“I think it’s a great choice and will help (Kerry’s) chances. Edwards brings a new face into the political arena that is young and energetic. He’ll be able to attract a lot of the voters that tend to bend the other way.”

Clas Karlberg, 64

San Francisco

No party affiliation

“I would say that compared to Bush/Cheney, (Kerry/Edwards) is a 1,000 percent improvement. It’s about time for America to wake up and get these corporate criminals out of the White House.”

Arjuna Ardagh, 47

Nevada City


“(Kerry) only picked him for votes. The guy has no political career.”

Adam Ford, 24

Grass Valley

Self-described anarchist

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