Healthy Options: Generating kindness, peace and tranquility through intuition |

Healthy Options: Generating kindness, peace and tranquility through intuition

Suzie Daggett
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Suzie Daggett’s spiritual journey started when she was 12 and had a visitation from what she believed was an angelic voice that said, “All you are being taught is not for you.”

At the time she had no idea what that statement meant, who delivered it, or why; however, the message gave her the freedom of choice to begin a journey of discovery that would lead to her soul purpose.

During a silent retreat, Daggett heard a similar voice say, “The energy of Source is everything.” This life-affirming information rang so true that it took her career in a new direction.

Today, Daggett writes, speaks, and teaches about the energy of Source and how the soul based in love and the ego in fear interact in our daily life.

She offers information in a grounded manner to help people understand the differences between soul needs and ego wants. Her website offers a blog where she shares musings for everyday living.

Daggett is also the author of “Pearls — 52 Contemplative Insights,” and a new book coming out soon, “Dear Source: Reflections on Life, Ego & Soul.”

According to Daggett, one of the most important things we can do in this life is be kind to ourselves and others. Kindness reflects loving Source energy at work.

In this week’s Healthy Options, we share a short interview with Suzie Daggett, author and intuitive business and life consultant.

Q: You say that your mission is helping people tap into Source. What do you mean by Source and why would I want to do this?

A: Source energy is ultimately about love. If we, in our human bones and mind, could live in love rather than in fear, our individual and collective lives would be radically different and much better. Is this possible? I believe so, but it takes practice, awareness, and consciousness.

Q: Is there a difference between Source and intuition?

A: Source is everything, and the placement of intuition in our heart and soul is one of the many gifts Source has given us. When you live intuitively, you use your creative right brain more than the analytical left-brain. Both are very useful and needed, but the intuitive brain is fast, efficient and brings us closer to our soul’s needs.

Q: How does tapping into our intuition help people?

A: Decision-making is a snap. I tap into my intuition for every day issues like deciding whether to start a new project, work with a certain person, what to eat for lunch, and more. When you listen to it, intuition can get you out of big trouble.

You may decide to step away from the altar when you hear the voice loud and clear saying, for example, “Stop. This is not the right person for you!”

The same is true for finding a job, moving, or buying a car. Many CEOs are extremely intuitive. They are efficient and effective when they pay attention to their gut.

Q: Can intuition be developed?

A: Absolutely! Intuition is an innate part of the human package. It is a natural ability for some, while others may need practice to develop it.

With understanding, permission, tools and awareness, anyone can use intuition on a daily basis. Keep in mind, intuition is not always 100 percent accurate, but then, neither is our analytic brain.

Q: What are some things highly intuitive people might do differently?

A: In order to make decisions, highly intuitive people feel rather than think about a situation. They let go of exterior influences that do not serve them. They are more forgiving. They listen to their creative side, and feel more in sync and peaceful with their life.

Q: How do you know when to trust your intuition/gut?

A: Once you accept that your intuition is an innate human ability, the next stop is noticing how the information comes to you. The typical channels are: smell, taste, feeling, seeing, and knowing.

Essentially, it’s paying attention to your Aha moments and hunches. The more you pay attention to them and trust them, the more confident you will become. Then, it’s just a matter of practice, practice, practice!

Q: How can people learn more about your work?

A: My website, has my posts to Source, my TEDx talk, my book: “Pearls~52 Contemplative Insights,” and soon my new book, plus my upcoming events.

Aug. 13, I will be presenting an online class called “The Ultimate Life Hack — Intuition for Learn It Live.

On Aug. 15, I will be teaching “Intuition 101,” a three-hour interactive class to learn and know your intuitive nature, dip into subtle energy ideas and discover your soul and ego personalities (Call 530-913-9592 for info).

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