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Healing Journeys: Nevada County offers plenty of healing classes

It is amazing to me the amount of classes, events and workshops offered in our community to assist in healing the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Would you like to find out about such classes? Here’s how: take a look at The Union, page A2 daily, (they will eventually move to another page; stay tuned) or The Prospector on Thursdays; look at community bulletin boards around town; or click on the Web site, http://www.insightdirectory.com which offers a free calendar of events.

In addition to new events, there are many continuing yoga and movement classes from local studios and gyms, as well as classes devoted to higher consciousness and healing practices. Here is a sample of what I found for just one week on The Healing Arts Calendar at http://www.insightdirectory.com, and, there are so many more than jus these to choose from. Imagine the possibilities for inner and outer growth if you went to just one of the following!!

Kathi Keville offers a Herbal Apprenticeship Program which includes a 3-day campout in the High Sierra. Learn medicinal plant and wild food ID and applications, medicine making techniques, medical botany & plant spirit work. Oak Valley Herb Farm, 530-274-3140. http://www.ahaherb.com

Phillips School of Massage in downtown Nevada City always has classes to explore including: Reiki II: Intermediate Reiki with Ginny Woods, 530-265-4645.

Yahdi Beckwitt offers The Myth of Aging – a way for people of any age to explore how to release “old age postures” – even people in wheelchairs. Stillpoint Studios in Grass Valley. 530-277-9135

Angelina Calafiore, CMT, CYT will facilitate the Mindspring Retreats in Bridgeport. This is a yoga experience with guided meditations and relaxations, yogic nutrition practices and recipes, pranayama, vision quest and intention setting. 530-559-1839, http://www.serendipityoga. org/events

Healing Your Life Force is a Systemic Constellation Workshop in Grass Valley facilitated by Peter deVries at Stillpoint Studios, Grass Valley. This class offers an approach to the natural Orders of Love in a family system. 530-265-4779

Michael Stone offers The 5 Rhythms, a series of healing maps for the body, mind, and spirit and Sweat Your Prayers, a moving meditation of inspirational music from around the world. The South Yuba Club in Nevada City, 530-477-7757.

Jaspen Amodeo gives Silent Meditation weekly where you can enjoy the magic of stillness. Sierra Center For Meditation And Well Being in Nevada City, 530-265-5764; http://www.SierraMeditation.org

Mt Stream Meditation is a Vipassana community of Buddhist groups that meets in Nevada City and Auburn. They practice “Insight” Meditation based on a 2500 year old practice that trains clear awareness of breath and body, heart and mind. 530-272-6425.

A Spiritual Growth Group with Dr. Nanci Shanderá meets to learn to perceive yourself and your life from an affirmative and self-accepting standpoint, which enhances and deepens your relationship to your Soul. The Sacred Bee in Grass Valley. 530-265-9097.

Dr. Don Williams, DC, offers a free health education talk, Freedom from Allergies: It is Possible! Dr. Don will discuss allergies & natural ways to heal. Vibrant Living Center, in Grass Valley. 530-271-5921. http://www.livingvibrantly.com

Valerie Lowe offers Kototama, an ancient sound practice which balances the neurological pathways in the brain, as well as heals internal organs. Hummingbird Studio in Nevada City, 530-265-2042

Meryl Dela Barrera, Nani Matana and Darlene Wilson work simultaneously on clients as they bring to the table their individual skills, insights, and healing. In Nevada City, 530-265-9464.

Sierra Nevada Alternative Healthcare Center offers a Reiki practitioner night to share reiki experiences, meditate and practice on each other. All levels of Reiki practitioners welcome. Sierra Nevada Alternative Healthcare Center, in Grass Valley, 530 273-7100.

“Deepening Stillness: Meetings with Prajna,” offers silent sitting, dialogues and talks on spiritual awakening, embodiment, and dissolving any sense of separation, in Nevada City. 530-274-1405, http://www.prajna-flowingriver.org

The Fire of Sex and Love with Sonika offers a way to awaken spiritually as you discover that you are love. Surrendering whole heartedly in lovemaking allows you to discover the same. (no nudity or sexual activity) in Meadow Vista and Auburn, 530-878-3693.

Bob Mackura offers a class on the Chakras – a gateway into deeper awareness of our soul. Soulworkers in Grass Valley, 530-798-9190, http://www.soulworkers.com

The Church of the Essence offers spiritual gatherings, individual intuitive readings, intuitive healings, and classes in expanded perception to experience Universal Spirit and to raise the energy of the planet. Sierra Center For Meditation And Well-Being in Nevada City, 530-274-3128 http://www.churchoftheessence.org

Group discussion of A Course In Miracles is held at Unity in the Gold Country, in Grass Valley, 530-274-2463.

Kali Ma offers an evening of music, chanting and teachings at the Sky Drum Dharma House, 530- 432-8378. http://www.kalima.org

Reduced Fee Clinic for Children sponsored by Meredith Benson, Classical Homeopath. Have your children receive quality homeopathic care in Grass Valley. 530- 470-9702.

Compassionate Communication Practice Group with Jacob Griscom focuses on clarifying the key differentiations of Nonviolent Communication and supporting participants to create peace and understanding in difficult situations. Sierra Nevada Children’s Services in Grass Valley, 530-478-1473 http://www.peacefullivinghhc.com

I hope you find just the right class for you!


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; she can be reached at 530-265-9255 or http://www.insightdirectory.com

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