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Hand-knitted scarves, hats, mittens gifted to needy in Grass Valley

"Keep Nevada County warm. And kind."

"If you can use this, it's yours!"

These were some of the messages pinned to a plethora of hand-knitted scarves, mittens and hats tied to lamp posts and placed on top of signal boxes and planters across downtown Grass Valley Friday morning.

It was all the work of the members of Nevada County Random Acts of Warmth as part of its third annual "warmth bombing."

Nevada County Random Acts of Warmth, which has a Facebook page, is a loosely structured, mostly anonymous group of individuals who leave hand-knitted scarves and hats in random public places as a gift to the community. The items, about 40 this year, are intended to be taken by anyone who can use them. Most of them were left on Mill Street and Main streets, between South Church and South Auburn streets.

"This is done in the spirit of the many holidays that are celebrated at this time of year," said a group member, who asked to remain anonymous. "These random acts of warmth are intended as gifts for anyone in the community — they are not directed at any particular demographic."

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