Group from Grass Valley joins Walk For Life West Coast in San Francisco. |

Group from Grass Valley joins Walk For Life West Coast in San Francisco.

A group of around 25 Nevada County people hopped a bus Saturday morning to join a march in San Francisco.

This one, however, wasn’t the Women’s March that got so much attention across the nation and around the world.

This was the 13th time the Walk For Life march has been held on the anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortions legal. Marches were held in different cities across the United States on Saturday.

“We believe in the intrinsic value of human life regardless of what stage it’s in,” said Charlie Babiarz, who is involved with the Knights of Columbus and helped organize the bus ride. “That’s conception through natural death. Obviously we do not agree with abortion.”

Babiarz said the event typically draws around 50,000 and he estimated that was the case again this year. He also said it attracts people from just about every demographic.

“There have been families with little babies in strollers,” Babiarz said. “There have been teens, young adults up to people my age, which are senior citizens. There’s such a wide range across the spectrum. We all just want to bring attention to the fact that life is valuable at all stages.”

Babiarz said the event is peaceful and nonconfrontational. He said he had seen protesters every year in the past, but he though the numbers had dwindled in recent years.

This year he said there were around 75 protesters, which again was down from recent years. He did add some were louder this time, armed with sound systems.

The day featured speakers before the march down Market Street in San Francisco as well as an informational fair and, Babiarz added, lots of prayers and smiling faces.

Babiarz said the Women’s March for San Francisco was expected to follow the same route, but was scheduled for later in the day so there were no issues holding both marches on the same day.

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