Grizzly Hill partially restores librarian position |

Grizzly Hill partially restores librarian position

The Grizzly Hill School Board decided to rescind its decision and keep the Grizzly Hill librarian position after many community members spoke at its meeting Tuesday.

“It was really, really great that they decided to bring the decision back,” said reinstated librarian Roo Cantada. “I just feel like they really listened to the people and recognized there was a need, That’s really important to our community.”

Cantada said many supporters who spoke at the meeting, including six parents, several community members, retired teacher and former director of Twin Ridges Home Study Charter Jenny Travers and renowned local poet Steve Sanfield, who wrote a letter in support of the librarian position.

“It was awesome. There was a great turnout,” Cantada said. “They gave us an hour for public comment, went into closed session and discussed everything, and my boss told me this morning that they decided not to eliminate the position.”

Cantada’s position will be reduced from her current 16 hours to 8 to 10 hours, but she is still grateful, she said.

“My main priority is the kids,” Cantada said. “If I’m there and available two days a week, I feel like the kids at least have access to books, and I’ll be able to bring in new titles. I’m so excited, so happy.”

Cantada will also set up part of what she hopes to be a fully launched community library and resource center in using six shelves provided by the Parks and Recreation board at Oak Tree Community Park.

Cantada received a grant to be used for the community library that eventually fell through — but she will reapply for next year.

“I’m going to do that pro bono,” said Cantada. “I’m going to have a fraction of the shelf space, but I’m definitely going to get it open this summer.

“Everything for the library has been a labor of love,” she added. “(It’s) not the most lucrative career, but I’m happy to have the steady employment, and the most important thing is the kids. I’m pretty stoked and just so relieved.”

Cantada voiced her appreciation for the consideration by the school board and believes in the power of public input to make a difference.

“We made a difference and changed their minds, so it’s possible,” Cantada said. “That’s what I love about the school — it’s small enough where you can make a change if you try hard enough.”

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