Great films, or bust |

Great films, or bust

John HartSteve Stubbs (left) and Jon Enos read a movie script in their studio in the basement of a house off Silver Way in Grass Valley. The pair plan to start an independent film production and music recording studio in the county using money from multiple investors.
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If Jon Enos and Steve Stubbs build it, they hope actors, musicians and artists will come.

What they lack in capital, the two more than make up for in ambition. Their goal, which for now takes shape in a basement office at Enos’ home near Union Hill School, is to tap into the county’s vast artistic potential and build a production studio that one day churns out chart-topping music, independent films, stage shows and published material under the umbrella of their company, Pacific Island Films.

The way Enos – who tasted big-time fame once when he was initially cast, but then replaced, in “Footloose” – and Stubbs – an Australian with a wide variety of Down Under television and stage roles to his credit – see it, the county has hundreds of artistic types waiting for the right venue to practice their craft.

“We really think this is a viable idea,” said Enos, who studied movies at Brigham Young University under the late Ted Danielewski, a filmmaker best known for “No Exit,” a documentary about the existentialist play by French author Jean-Paul Sartre.

“We’re just starting to look at the possibility of producing films up here,” said Enos, who has acted in independent films for several years.

The two acknowledge that building a production facility is a risky business – perhaps a bit pie-in-the-sky – but they’ll never know unless they try.

Using a combination of investors who buy shares of individual films, the duo hopes to secure enough funds to produce up to five films under a corporation that runs the studio facility.

That way, the partners say, people can invest a small amount in multiple films without having to risk a large investment in a single endeavor.

The hope, Stubbs and Enos said, is to create a brick-and mortar facility by raising millions of dollars.

They’re also hoping to lure young filmmakers and artists with scholarships.

The partners hope to produce movies of all types, movies that appeal to a large segment of the population.

“We want to make films, regardless of genre, with appropriate content, free of gratuitous violence,” Enos said. It’s a winning formula, he believes.

“The movies that do this are the ones that are the most successful,” he said. “Studios are realizing that they have to be able to get the pre-teen dollar.”

“That’s what’s so attractive about what we’re doing,” Stubbs said. “We can tailor our movies to the market” by owning the production facility.

And they will be doing this, the partners point out, within driving distance of beaches, ski resorts, casinos and national forests – literally every type of terrain and setting you’d need for a movie.

Can they do it, starting from a basement filled with dozens of binders full of ideas and intellectual property, without a nest egg to draw upon?

“Absolutely,” Enos said. “But it’s not about the money. It’s about making great films.”

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