Grass Valley’s Hospitality House announces matching donation offer |

Grass Valley’s Hospitality House announces matching donation offer

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Through Dec. 15 all monetary donations made for Hospitality House will be matched by one caring individual, according to a release.

For example, $50 usually provides 50 meals to people, but donate by Dec. 15 and 50 meals will become 100.

"What this donor is offering is nothing short of incredible," said Nancy Baglietto, CEO of Hospitality House. "This gives everyone a chance to make a difference. Someone who may only have $5 to give can feel good about knowing that $5 is providing 10 meals to 10 individuals who need it most."

Last year, 38,325 meals were provided at the shelter but 43,800 meals are needed in 2019. A dollar matched provides two meals to guests like 79-year-old Stanley Heilbrun. Heilbrun helped start Hospitality House, but he never expected to need its services.

One day he found himself struggling to remember a dear friend's name; then he forgot where he was. Soon he was repeating the same story to those who had already heard it. Heilbrun is experiencing dementia.

"My only handicap is early senility," he said in the release. "I use a prosthetic (my electronic tablet) to help me remember appointments."

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Heilbrun's ability to earn dwindled as the dementia progressed and bills increased. He needed help and Hospitality House and its donors stepped in by providing food, shelter and assistance with his memory loss. Today, Heilbrun is housed and his case manager is actively working to move him into a facility that specializes in memory loss care to counteract the early onset of his dementia.

Heilbrun's long-term prognosis is going in the right direction because of caring donors.

There are an additional 69 individuals in the care of the Hospitality House who need support.

Donations can be made online at, or by mail at 1262 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, California, 95945.

Source: Hospitality House

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