Gift shop proceeds benefit the hospital |

Gift shop proceeds benefit the hospital

Sometimes it’s a tough decision – do you go to work or stay home when you are sick?

Here are just a few things to think about to help you make that decision.

You have a fever of 100.5 or above

Stay home.

Return to work 24 hours after your fever is gone. This is your clearest sign of how contagious you are.

You have a productive cough (coughing up mucous)

Stay home.

A dry cough is OK, but always cover your cough and sneezes and wash your hands.

You have a sore throat and it hurts to swallow, breath or speak

Stay home.

If only a raspy throat/voice sounds worse than it is and does not mean you are contagious.

Your nose won’t stop running and you are constantly blowing it

Stay home until you have the issue under control.

Are you even going to be productive at work? Until you are feeling well it is probably better to just be in bed.

Vomiting and diarrhea is usually an easier decision to make, but good to stay home 24 hours after your symptoms are gone.

Last, ask yourself how would I feel if your co-worker came in to work with the same symptoms you have and exposed you to their bug? OK – Stay home!

I hope you have had your flu shot or are making plans to get one ­— it is not too late!

Be mindful about washing your hands, covering your cough and sneezes and wipe down door knobs, telephones and cell phones and keyboard pads with a disinfectant.

And most important: Take care of yourself and have a healthy new year.

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