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‘Generation Zapped’ screened Friday in Nevada City

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A new documentary, “Generation Zapped,” discusses the high cost of addiction to digital devices and health risks, especially for children and teens, from exposure to wireless radiation.

The California Alliance for Safer Technology is hosting a screening at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8, at the Seaman’s Lodge in Nevada City. A question and answer session will follow with Cindy Sage of Sage Associates and co-editor of the seminal BioInitiative Report: a rationale for a biologically-based public exposure standard for electromagnetic fields. Sage is featured in “Generation Zapped.”

According to a news release, the film includes a discussion by scientists, physicians and health researchers on scientific evidence regarding links to diseases such as breast and brain cancer, associations with increased infertility, genetic mutations related to autism and ADHD and newly developed illnesses, such as electrical sensitivity.

Hosting the screening, the California Alliance for Safety Technology recently formed in opposition to California’s SB 649, known as the “small cells” bill; a bill ultimately vetoed by Gov. Brown in October. SB 649, opposed over 300 cities and 47 counties across the state, would have allowed mass deployment of cell antennas throughout California’s public-right-of-ways and neighborhoods, and without consent of local authority.

The veto of SB 649 came on the heels of the partial release of a $25 million National Toxicology Program study on the impact of cell phone radiofrequency radiation, the release states.

“These effects can happen with even very small levels of exposure if they occur on a daily basis. Cell phone use is likely to be more harmful in children whose brain and nervous system development can last into late adolescence,” Sage states in the release. “The public health implications of billions of people who are exposed makes this a matter of critical concern to policy-makers around the world.”

Sage is the co-editor and principal author of the BioInitiative Reports (2007 and 2012) and a founder of the BioInitiative Working Group. According to the release, Sage has published several scientific studies on electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation, including science, public health, public policy, and environmental consequences of exposures to EMF and RFR.

Joining the Q&A session will be Eric Windheim, an electromagnetic radiation specialist.

The screening is open to the public with an $8 suggested donation. Those who are 12 years old and younger are admitted free of charge.

Source: California Alliance for Safer Technology

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