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Flashing lands man 2 tickets

For the second time in a month, police cited a man living in the Valley Commons apartments on Segesworth Way in Grass Valley for indecent exposure.

A neighbor of the man, David Yarborough, 57, said she has seen him walking around the complex, washing his windows and washing his car, all without his pants on.

“My 6-year-old grandson and other kids are terrified,” said Violet Rogers, 60, who lives in an apartment across from Yarborough. “I’ve caught him six times. Once I opened my door and he was just standing there with all of his clothes off.”

Police cited Yarborough April 23 for violation of California Penal Code 314, indecent exposure – a misdemeanor – after one of Yarborough’s neighbors reported seeing him naked in a breezeway between apartments.

Rogers said several people in the complex have children and are angry with Yarborough for his disregard.

Last Tuesday, police cited him again for indecent exposure after he allegedly revealed his buttocks to Rogers when she told him she was “sick of him.”

“He mooned me,” Rogers said. “That did it. I called the police.”

Yarborough, a self-proclaimed religious man, said he’s ashamed of himself for his behavior but he was not responsible for his actions.

“Sometimes the Devil plays with you,” he said, standing clothed in front of his apartment Friday. “It was wrong, and I’ll admit it when I go to court.”

He said he’s a “natural type of person,” who enjoys being outside and gardening. He maintains a flower garden outside of his home and liked to eat his breakfast on his porch.

He said he had no control over himself.

“I just felt like it,” he said. “I’m really ashamed. I should have had more sense.”

Grass Valley Police Captain Dave Remillard said Yarborough may be arrested and booked into jail if he continues exposing himself.

“It could get to that point,” Remillard said. “The normal procedure for a misdemeanor is to cite and release, but it’s at the officer’s discretion.”

Yarborough’s court date to appear in front a judge for his citations has not yet been set.

Rogers said she doesn’t want any trouble with Yarborough, and she harbors no hard feelings toward him.

“He keeps the flowers out front beautiful,” she said. “I wouldn’t have a problem with him if he would just stay clothed.”


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