Fighting hardships of life |

Fighting hardships of life

Eileen JoyceTanya Glass, 33, stands in one her three laundermats Thursday.
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Tanya Glass didn’t like losing her hair to chemotherapy, but she realizes it’s part of the battle against cancer.

The Penn Valley woman didn’t mind losing her husband, Robert Glass, whom she said fled to Hawaii with another woman while he was facing domestic violence and other charges involving her.

But she did care when the bail bond company tried to seize one of her three laundermats Wednesday because Robert Glass allegedly skipped bond totaling at least $51,000.

“I’m mad at Robert for sticking me like this,” said Tanya Glass, a 33-year-old mother of three young boys, who wears a bright bandanna to cover her head. “I had no idea. He said he put the house up for collateral. He told me nothing about the businesses.”

Glass suffers from rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer that first surfaced nearly two years ago with bumps that appeared on her back and shoulder, and later a toe, which was amputated.

She thought she’d beaten the disease, until it recently reappeared on her liver and pancreas. The time-consuming, nausea-inducing treatments have trimmed her ability to work, though family often helps out.

Laundermats are profitable “if you can do all the repairs, and if you can run them yourself,” said Tanya Glass, who’s quick to flash a smile of irony.

Her latest crisis occurred Wednesday afternoon, when a Nevada City Bail Bonds worker briefly seized her laundermat next to Raley’s in Grass Valley, she said. The estranged Glass couple also owns the laundermat next to SPD Market in Grass Valley, and another behind SPD Market in Nevada City.

Early on, she was concerned that the bond company would seize all three laundermats. Grass Valley police intervened Wednesday night and helped arrange a hearing in Nevada County Superior Court.

After a Thursday hearing, a temporary agreement was reached, both Tanya Glass and Gina Burnsworth, the bond company owner, said. Tanya Glass, who co-owns the laundermats with Robert Glass, said she plans to set aside money in case Robert Glass doesn’t return.

Burnsworth said the matter partly rests on divorce proceedings between the Glasses, who have been married 15 years. Burnsworth said she opened shop in 1993 and has no interest in a second job.

“I’m not in the laundermat business, I’m in the bail bond business,” she said. “I just want Robert Glass to come back.”

According to his criminal complaint, Robert Glass, 35, is charged with repeated harassment with threats, criminal threats, violating an emergency protective order, firearm possession by a felon and battery. His complaint alleges offenses occurring Sept. 5, 7 and 21 and lists Tanya Glass as the victim.

Court records say he pleaded innocent and on Sept. 25 posted $25,000 bond to get out of Wayne Brown Correctional Facility, allegedly using all three laundermats as collateral. A $50,000 bench warrant was issued Oct. 7 after he failed to appear in court Oct. 3, the records say.

He was subsequently charged with another felony, failure to appear in court.

Both Tanya Glass and Burnsworth said they’ve talked by phone with Robert Glass since he allegedly fled.

Tanya Glass said she was information that he’s in Maui, Hawaii, with another woman. Burnsworth said he claimed being out of the country, on a satellite phone, and there was no way she’d find him.

The Union called Robert Glass’ cell phone once Wednesday and twice Thursday for his version of events. Each time he hung up.

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