Fiery flatulence comes to life in video game |

Fiery flatulence comes to life in video game

Submitted to The Union by Benji Brown. Benji Brown, CEO of Studio B Flat Games, which created Bronto Blast, features the game on his computer, which can be expected to be released in smartphone app stores in March.

Rather than mow down your opponent in the virtual bloodbath of a role-playing game, gamers can try something light-hearted and humorous, with a flatulence-lighting brontosaurus in the newly released app game, Bronto Blast.

“It’s about a little dinosaur that jumps around stealing eggs from various dinosaurs,” said Benji Brown, CEO of Nevada City-based company Studio B Flat Games, which produced Bronto Blast.

Brown came up with the idea for Bronto Blast after reading an article about global warming and dinosaur extinction.

“I read a couple articles around August about global warming concerning the dinosaur’s era,” Brown said. “And flatulence contributed a lot to it and I thought it’d be funny to have a brontosaurus that lights his farts on fire.”

The game is played from the perspective of the brontosaurus that seeks to collect all the dinosaur eggs in the land, Brown said.

“You are a super smart dinosaur and have a telescope that sees an avid astronomer,” Brown said. “And (the brontosaurus) wants to collect all the dinosaur eggs and go off in a spaceship.”

Brown began developing the game with a group of four artists and came up with two designs.

“We came up with a role-playing game for multiplayers and a casual-based platforming game like Mario,” Brown said. “We started developing both of those, are finishing it up to get it in the app store to try to get some sales.”

The game is reminiscent of a time before advanced role-playing games and models itself on the style of early Nintendo games, said Daniel Cahill, character artist.

“What makes the game playable is that the market’s saturated with Xbox, PS3, which are beautiful games,” Cahill said. “Sometimes sitting down with an old school game brings back the nostalgic aspect.”

The sounds and music in the game also have an older Nintendo-like feel to them, said Bill Kiley, user interface designer and sound artist.

“I do a lot of chiptunes stuff normally, like weird Nintendo-type sounds,” Kiley said. “That’s definitely my style, so that’s a bit what I’m going for with this game.”

Bronto Blast can be found in the app markets for iPhone first and then Android in the beginning of March.

The game is meant to be humorous and fun, Kiley said, which adds to its charm.

“It has a nice sense of humor that other games lack and I think that’s probably the element, that it doesn’t take itself very seriously,” Kiley said. “We are self-aware in that Bronto Blast is kind of a goofy game; that it’s nice when they’re so many realistic shooter games, to have a kind of a goofy thing.”

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