Feedback: Nevada County weighs in on gas tax |

Feedback: Nevada County weighs in on gas tax

The following comments were posted at The Union’s Facebook page:

Mike Masters — The government will waste the money on the high-speed train and our roads will become worse. In five years, there will be an additional gas tax.

Rick Marshall — Well, a couple thoughts: (1) gas tax increase of 12 cents doesn’t seem too bad compared with the 40 cents or so that the oil companies have raised prices over the past year; and (2) finally some funds to take decent care of our roads!

Sam Marsico — That’s what we’ve been told with every past tax increase. Then the funds get diverted into the general fund. It will happen again.

Reese Browning — I hate the tax. There should have already been money to keep roads maintained. The government wastes money on itself and unnecessary projects for tax money to be used on. The government is famous for spending money they don’t have, then raising taxes to supposedly replace the money they should not have spent in the first place.

Carol Peterson Hale — Increased tax also applies to your car registration fees, and will be spent not only on road repairs, but also be used for BART improvements. The trucking companies will raise their fees for deliveries to stores to cover their increased cost for fuel & etc. So we will be paying more for everything, not just the pump. Voters should have to vote on this tax.

Cheri Hooker West — It sucks if you have to commute to work like a lot of people do. Filling up twice a week is going to add up. Don’t forget the added bonus of the “fee” being added to your vehicle registration beginning in January. That’s another $25-$175 depending on your vehicles value. Everyone seems to forget about that one!

Bobby Thompson — I fill up for work twice a week, sometimes three times, for work. That’s $250 a year that could fill my truck six to seven more times. I don’t know about you, but I try not to waste money.

Jon N Donna Bryant — Same here, I try not to waste money as well! I cut my fast driving back to the speed limits only. I drive a VW Tiguan which gets pretty good gas mileage. Looks like it will be a wait and see where the money goes.

Judy Smith — Well, I own a business. To transport my product and materials to make my product (manufacturing), I need a truck. I don’t have a choice. I do use UPS, but guess what? They use trucks. They’re gas costs just increased tremendously (watch for hikes in shipping costs from all shipping companies in CA). Unfortunately, because I have already committed funds to pay the costs of running my business in addition to the increased fuel costs, I must increase the cost of my product to my customer. Not making millions here, just trying to make a living. This is how it works. I also am incorporated because so many people are sue happy out there. So I get hit with corporate taxes even though I only have a small business of 11 employees. This is why small business is leaving CA in droves.

Bob Lawson — We’d better see significant repairs immediately from this! And NONE of it should go to that idiotic train! ALL of it must go to road repairs and improvements! There must be mandatory auditing to ensure this!

Nancy Salerno — Well timed. Tax increases as cost of winter fuel mixture decreases — makes it practically unnoticeable at the pump.

Laura Locke — I will buy less gas and ride my bike to the drug store because i have a basket now.

Dee Murphy — The money will not go to roads; much of it is set to go to other pet projects and surveys.

Shaun Rainsbarger — They’ll misallocate the money, like they do with everything.

Brenda Morgan — Just one more reason to look at moving out of California before they bankrupt all of us.

Jim Vaughan — Try Mississippi I hear the standard of living is excellent there.

Mike Russo — We have been sold this lie before.

Michael Clemmons — It will go into the general fund, pay raises for the politicians’ crony projects, water tunnels, bullet train — payola, payola, payola. Someone will go throw some gravel in a hole and call it good.

Ken May — Just more tax increases that will be thrown down a rat hole.

Dave Ridinger — That means that some of the roads might get new paint stripes.

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