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On “Nevada County district attorney race tightens with latest vote count”:

Deby Williams Snell — Hillary, you are a class act. Thank you for everything you do for our Community.

Dan Miller, I hope you are noting that you are not serving with a full mandate. I hope you listen to Hillary and all of us.

I hope you focus on the homeless issue. It’s not going to go away by ignoring it.

On “Counting mail-in ballots takes time, Nevada County officials say”:

Bonnie Nicholls — I must say, if you think waiting a week or two for election results is normal, there is something wrong with you. California voters shouldn’t have to feel like they voted in a third world country. Absolutely absurd. Shame on the Clerk Recorders office.

On “Nevada County employees, supervisors get pay raises”:

Michael Butler — And there’s the system of checks and balances at work. Voting yourselves a raise. Their pay should be determined by a board of the treasury and or voted on by the people.

Raymond Thompson — They need a pay cut, not a pay raise. They don’t do anything.

Jordana Stroh — Must be nice.

On “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle – Mt. St. Mary’s Sherilyn Doerr retires after 35 years”:

Robin Byers — She was my son’s teacher when he started to experience problems. Her patience and care with him and her support for me will never be forgotten.

Nikki Fassler — She is a remarkable human. A great teacher, and a wonderful person.

On “Grand Jury Report – Retirement plans to tally $336 M in unfunded pensions”:

Aaron Hawkins — I will never understand why our country bases it’s retirement on wall street. It just seems like such a bad idea. Bonds? Sure. But you might as well give your pension to a professional gambler investing in the stock market.

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