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FAQ about the new TheUnion.com

Welcome to the new theunion.com. As with any new product, people are bound to have questions. We’re going to try and answer a few for you before you ask. If you have further questions, feel free to submit them to webmaster@theunion.com.

The RSS feed capability is currently not available. We’re working to restore that capability. Thanks for your patience.

The weather page is accessible by clicking on the little icon showing current weather. It’s right next to the temperature reading that’s directly below the search box in the upper right part of every page. The weather is provided from the NOAA, so it is very current.

We are still working on the site, and the archive search that allows fairly refined searches is not quite finished. Feel free to try the search box in the upper right part of the page (on top of the photo). That is the same search that you’d see if you clicked on the “Archives” link at the very top of all pages. That searches our entire article archive of roughly 100,000 articles back to 2002. If you need further help, we’re glad to assist. Please email webmaster@theunion.com.

If you had a login before the new site, your login should work on the new site. If you’ve never registered before, click the ‘become a member’ link next to the ‘welcome, guest’ text in the upper right portion of the page. Keep in mind that screen names must be unique. There’s a possibility that someone else has already taken a name that you were wishing to use. In that case, adding numbers or an extra phrase on the end will help.

Believe it or not, we haven’t removed any content areas for the site. After an extensive reader research project, we took a different approach to thinking where our articles, opinion pieces, blogs, photos, and other areas on the site are. If you think we’ve overlooked something, or are having a hard time finding something, please let us know by e-mailing webmaster@theunion.com

In order to keep the events calendar as accurate as possible, we’re going to take a peek at events before they go live on the site. We review content several times a day, so it shouldn’t take long. If it’s been a while and your event still isn’t available, it is possible that you did not provide correct contact information for us to verify the event.

Registration is needed so that you can create your “persona”. Without registration, all comments would appear to be by the same “anonymous” person. We are using a much more robust commenting system now, and it does require that you register as a user in our system. We ask that you provide, at a minimum, a valid e-mail address, a screen name, and a password. There are some extra fields available if you wish to fill them out, but we don’t require it.

The commenting system requires a screen name, and actually has some really neat features associated with it. When you comment, post a photo or blog, the screen name and your avatar will appear next to them. You’re free to choose a screen name that either clearly identifies you or that disguises your true identity. Your screen name is part of your online ‘persona,’ or online identity. Clicking on another user’s screen name will be one of the best ways to learn about other users.

Your comments appear live on the site as soon as you submit them. If you see comments that are not appropriate, please use the “Report This” link to alert a staff member to review it.

Just like the comments from the old system, they are not available in the new system. You can easily upload new photos to the galleries at


Each user, when they sign up, is allowed a chance to place a profile on the site. While we don’t require that you divulge any personal information, we will give you the chance to let other readers know a little more about yourself. Readers will also be able to enter other users as ‘friends’ which will enable some direct communication between users.

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