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Ex-county GOP leaders slam Horne

Three former Nevada County Republican Central Committee leaders say local county Supervisor Sue Horne has betrayed Republican values and Yuba County Supervisor Dan Logue is a better choice in the area race for state Assembly.

Horne ignored the central committee “until she wanted to run for higher office,” according to a letter from past Central Committee chairmen Tony Gilchrease, Dick Marshall and Greg Marks.

Horne called the letter a “sleaze tactic,” but declined to respond to its accusations.

“I can’t believe my opponent would stoop so low to use this type of sleaze tactic so early in this campaign and it speaks to the desperation to the Dan Logue campaign,” Horne said in response to the letter. “I stand on my record proudly as a Republican and I think the fact that I was re-elected with 73 percent of the vote speaks for itself.”

The Nevada County supervisor, Logue and Chico farmer Jack Lee are seeking the Republican nomination to the Third Assembly District held by Assemblyman Rick Keene. Keene is restricted from seeking another term because of term limits.

Marks denied that the letter is a Logue campaign tactic, instead saying it’s about issues.

“Sue is a good Christian, but she bends too easily,” Marks said. “She’ll go along to get along.”

And she joined the Central Committee in recent months, Marks said – apparently irritating members.

“It’s too obvious she wants to be a member because she’s running,” Marks said.

But if voters opine differently in June’s primary, “I’ll be there behind her, giving my opinion,” Marks said. “If Sue Horne is the nominee, I’ll be behind her 100 percent,” Marks said.

Marks is a Nevada County code enforcement officer who is retiring next month.

“Abandoned” Republican values

The letter sent to “fellow Republicans” states, that “in spite of having a 5-0 Republican majority” on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, the board “abandoned the Republican Party and its values.”

Those values were not clarified in the letter, and Marks didn’t clarify them beyond saying Horne didn’t practice fiscal conservatism and she compromised too often.

One example he cited was the supervisors’ approval of spending nearly $100,000 on a consultant to determine the future of the HEW Building wasn’t necessary, Marks said. “You can’t trust your own employees?” he asked.

Horne compromised by giving the county executive officer more power and more money, and by giving up too much on county redistricting, Marks added.

The letter states:

• “Many strident liberal department heads” were left in place after the board majority’s change from “liberal” to Republican in 2002.

• “During the leadership of Sue Horne, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors rejected every effort of the Republican Central Committee to preserve and advance Republican concerns and values.”

• She relied “all too often on the advice of liberal staff.”

• She marginalized the central committee “in favor of other, more liberal organizations.”

Marks did cite County Executive Officer Rick Haffey and Steve DeCamp, director of the Community Development Agency, among the liberal department heads, but didn’t mention anyone else, saying the county has many good department heads.

The past chairmen want to send “a clear and unambiguous message that Sue Horne and every elected official” in the area claiming to be a Republican, but who abandons the party’s values, “does so at the risk of their political career.”


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