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Envisioning a world without walls

Local activist Brian Fry stands inside of a four sided sign opposing walls that divide communities during Thursday's international Day of Action for a World Without Walls.
Elias Funez/efunez@theunion.com |

A couple dozen local activists gathered on the Broad Street Bridge in Nevada City Thursday afternoon to honor the 28-year anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall and to oppose President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

The gathering was part of a national and global effort titled “November 9 Day of Action for a World Without Walls.” The organizers of the day note that in Europe and around the world, 70 nations have constructed, expanded or fortified walls on and within their borders.

In Nevada City members of the community young and old could be seen holding signs in the rain reading, “Lego of hate, build bridges of love.” Other signs depicted rolls of razor wire and the words “No money for border wall” emblazoned across.

The group received honks of encouragement from passing drivers before marching up Broad Street to the Nevada City Methodist Church where a reception was held, including information booths.

The Berlin Wall separated East and West Berlin for nearly three decades and was breached on Nov. 9, 1989, after East Berlin’s communist party announced a change in relations with the West.

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