Energy-saving window covers are options to replacement |

Energy-saving window covers are options to replacement

In our last PowerUp-NC article, we hit upon the saga of the leaky home and how you may want to invest in a caulking gun and a few tubes of caulking to get the biggest bang for your buck. Air leaks around doors, windows, electrical outlets and the fireplaces. Attics are the biggest culprit; they lose as much heat, in the typical home, as leaving an average-size window open all winter long. The extra heating fuel required to compensate for these energy leaks represents up to 800 pounds of CO2 emissions annually. Just by caulking you will plug up you CO2 leaks, but what about the windows themselves?

We field many calls here at PowerUp-NC and many of them have to do with leaky windows. There are a variety of reasons folks can’t replace their windows; because it is cost prohibitive; restrictions living in a historical district; or because of Homeowner Association regulations. We came across an alternative solution, one that is not as expensive as buying new windows or as difficult to install, and would pass any historical district regulations. They are called Castle Window Covers and make the old clunky outdoor storm windows a thing of the past.

These particular window covers make your home more comfortable year-round by insulating your existing windows while significantly reducing energy costs. They are virtually unnoticeable and therefore do not change the aesthetics. Castle Window Covers provide up to 98% UV protection, insulate against heat loss, heat gain, air filtration, dust, dirt, pollen, condensation and even 70% of outside noise without requiring any change to existing windows. The best part of all; they are applied to the inside of your existing windows for easy placement and removal.

With single pain windows, 50% of heat loss and gain is through air filtration. If you have aluminum windows you have what are cold “weep holes” at the base of the window that allow moisture out as well as heat during the winter and cold air in the summer. By adding storm windows, such as Castle Window Covers, a dead air space is created, which gives a rating of R-1 for each inch of dead air space.

Each window is custom fitted with a steel frame. The storm window itself has an acrylic glazing, just like airplane windows, and a magnetic edging all around the window that ensures a tight seal, which creates the dead air space. The insulation factor of acrylic makes it four times higher compared to a normal pane of glass. The magnetized strip along the edge of the window is like the magnetized gasket on your refrigerator door that seals tight to keep the cold air inside. This magnetized window also keeps the cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer.

Just by adding Castle Window Covers you can use 40% less energy heating and cooling your home. They can be installed in conjunction with your existing windows at an affordable price without affecting the appearance of your home and run around $15 to $20 a square foot installed. No need to rip out old existing windows or hire contractors to replace the trim once you put in new windows. This gives home and building owners an opportunity to insulate windows rather than rip them out.

The Nevada City City Hall is taking energy reduction seriously and has added a few Castle Windows Covers as a test pilot. This thermal image of City Hall, taken by Balance Point Home Performance, speaks for itself. The two windows on the right do not have Castle Window Covers and the one window on the left does. See for yourself. We at PowerUp have installed the Castle Window Covers to save on our energy bill, to give us more comfort and to test the product out for ourselves. We have felt a huge difference in the drafts alone. We recommend anyone to stop by our office at 408 Broad St. on the backside of the New York Hotel and check them out. Feel free to call us before stopping by at 470-8642 or check out the Castle Window Covers website:

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