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Election 2010: McClintock says GOP ready to rein in spending

Rep. Tom McClintock says the Republican Party has learned its lesson and is ready to lead if it wrests power away from the Democrats.

The 4th District congressman spoke before a town hall crowd of about 45 Monday in Rough and Ready. The GOP didn’t govern responsibly during the George W. Bush administration, McClintock said, running up a record deficit. But, he said, they are ready if called upon in November’s election to reverse the policies of a Democratic congress and White House which threaten to bankrupt the nation, McClintock said.

“I believe the George W. Bush administration was the most fiscally irresponsible peacetime administration in our history,” McClintock said. “The Republicans realize we lost in 2008 because we weren’t getting the job done. We’ve got to earn back this country’s trust.”

In front of a crowd strongly opposed to the Obama health care bill, McClintock vowed to cut funding to the bill if a GOP majority is elected in Congress this fall.

“I am pledged to rescind that bill,” McClintock said.

The bill will not only create unemployment and hardship for the country, McClintock said, but also create a heavy debt that Americans will fund for years.

“You will be obligated to pay back that money in your lifetime,” McClintock said. He likened the cost of the bill to $6,000 per American – or $24,000 for a family of four. “It’s like buying a new car. Except, instead of getting the car, you’ll just get the payments.”

The key to improving health care was to deregulate the insurance industry, allowing Californians to buy their health insurance from out-of-state sources to increase competition.

A 22-year member of the California Assembly, McClintock blamed the state’s current fiscal situation on uncontrolled spending.

He pointed to the state’s prison system as a prime example. The state has recently begun to release prisoners due to the declining state budget. California’s costs per prisoner outpace other states, he said.

“Our costs are out of control because we’ve bureaucratized, unionized and centralized the whole process,” McClintock said. The same happened with the education system, he said.

The state was once renowned for its public schools and colleges but has allowed over-regulation to destroy student achievement, McClintock said.

He also appeared at a law enforcement awards ceremony in Grass Valley and a meeting with local business leaders at the Nevada County Contractors Association.

McClintock is running for the 4th District seat against Michael Babich in a June Republican primary.

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