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Editor’s Notes

This is the last edition before the community finds out whether it allows motorcycles access to their owner’s private garages, and our dogs to our parks.

The rumors coming out of “Election Central” seem to indicate a larger-than-normal number of ballots turned in. They will be counted Monday.

Regardless the outcome, I sincerely hope both sides are willing to accept the results and move on. We have some important issues on our plates needing the community’s, and our leaders, attention.

Besides the obvious ones; clubhouse, security, culverts, etc., there is a growing amount of attention being paid to this winter’s predicted “El Nino” and its effects throughout Northern California.

It would be nice if the leadership had a chance to be pro-active in planning for such an event, rather than reacting after the fact.

Let’s face it folks, our lake is near the bottom of the hill, gathering volumes from a series of water conduits leading ultimately to the Sacramento River and beyond. Our streets and curbside gutters could be overwhelmed in the matter of hours, not to mention the lake itself.

We all remember last year’s culvert collapse and the impact it had on a number of our residents — and one of our most heavily traveled streets. Their access denied or lengthened, so too, for emergency responders.

Are we ready? I hope so.

Taking a page out of the news from recent events in Southern California, Mother Nature seems to relish in dumping water in a rush, rather than a steady, consistent manner. “Flash flooding” has a whole new meaning after watching some of its effects on major roadways and surface streets.

It’s a two-edged sword. On one hand, we want, and desperately need, all the water we can squeeze out of the passing storms. On the other, too much of a good thing can have its drawbacks.


Next edition of TWI publishes November 6. Deadline for articles and letters is October 28. BOO! Happy Halloween!

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