Details of disaster |

Details of disaster

On his way to the hospital after reportedly causing a fatal collision, murder suspect Scott Krause told the ambulance crew his goal in crashing a stolen truck had been to kill himself and others, a paramedic testified in court Tuesday.

Kathy Fike’s testimony, one of several, was part of Krause’s preliminary hearing. A judge ruled that the charges faced by Krause were substantiated by witnesses and will not be changed, moving his case closer to trial.

Krause is accused of carjacking a large commercial truck and ramming it into a UPS van on Jan. 6, killing driver Drew Reynolds. He is charged with murder, along with burglary, carjacking and battery of a firefighter for alleged crimes that led up to and followed the crash. He will appear in court next on July 6.

“He said, ‘I wish I had died,'” said Fike, who accompanied Krause to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for a leg injury from the crash. “He said, ‘Did I at least take someone else out with me?'”

Krause’s alleged crime spree began around 5 p.m. Jan. 6, when a woman on Maryland Drive reported a man broke into her home and demanded her car keys.

That woman, Betty Brewer, who also testified, said she actually had met Krause about three times prior to that day. She said she lives with her adult son and a homeless man who was an acquaintance of Krause, and that from her previous encounters with Krause, she could tell he had a “mental problem.”

“He acted like he needed somebody to talk to him,” she said.

She said he was an artistic person who once made her a beautiful ornament that she kept until investigators asked her to give it to them.

At 5:10 p.m. on Jan. 6, Brewer had just turned on her television when “the front door was pushed in, but it didn’t open because it was locked,” Brewer said.

Then she heard another sound coming from her kitchen, which is attached by a doorway to her carport. She went to see where the noise was coming from.

“I saw this person … and said, ‘Who do you think you are?'” Brewer said. She said she did not recognize Krause at that time.

Krause was sitting on her floor with a paranoid look on his face, she said.

“He had a blank stare and looked frightened,” Brewer said. “He said, ‘Your keys.’ “I got frightened.”

Brewer said she screamed for her son and the intruder ran off.

Grass Valley police investigator Clint Bates, another witness at the preliminary hearing, testified that he interviewed an employee of a business on Railroad Avenue, near Brewer’s home. The man told Bates that he was sitting at his desk after 5 p.m. on Jan. 6 when he heard a strange sound outside, and upon opening the door, saw a man trying to break into his car.

Bates said Krause asked the employee for the keys to the truck and the employee said no. Krause then walked away, Bates said.

Soon after, Bates said, the employee heard a woman, later identified as Sierra Tile and Stone delivery driver Tina Harrison, yelling nearby.

Harrison, who also talked to Bates, told him she had just pulled into a gas station near Idaho-Maryland Road to fuel up her two-and-a-half-ton box truck when the passenger door opened and man climbed in.

“(Harrison) said the first thing she did was yell ‘no,'” Bates said.

Bates said Harrison then jumped out of the truck and ran toward the 49er Family Fun Park on Railroad Avenue, where she called police. Krause allegedly stole the truck, drove it onto the Golden Center Freeway and took the Brunswick Road off-ramp. He reportedly drove at speeds of 60 mph and swerved into oncoming-traffic lanes.

Around this time, UPS drivers Drew Reynolds and Benjamin Thomas were leaving their warehouse on Charles Drive, near Loma Rica Road. Both drove separate vans, with Reynolds in the lead. They turned from Loma Rica onto Brunswick Road.

“(The stolen truck) seemed to be in our lane – it seemed to be driving straight toward us,” a visibly shaken Thomas said in court. “I never saw it swerve (to the correct lane). I knew something was going to happen, so I slowed down.”

Thomas said that after the wreck, he ran to Reynolds’ van and saw him pinned inside. He talked to his co-worker, but Reynolds did not respond.

Bates, who responded to the crash, said Tuesday that he recognized Krause immediately from previous encounters. To make sure, Bates said, he asked Krause to identify himself.

“When I asked him his name, he said, ‘Just kill me,'” Bates said. “He said this over and over.”

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