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Daring to dream: Sierra Roots fundraising for tiny homes (PHOTO GALLERY)

Sierra Roots held its inaugural tiny house fundraising event Saturday, kicking off what organizers hope will be the impetus of their goal — to provide a housing-first option for Nevada City’s homeless.

“We know we’re not going to be able to raise enough money tonight,” Irene Masteller said. “But it’s about changing the consciousness of our community.”

The event, coined Dare to Dream, sold 29 tickets at $100 each and was held in the upstairs portion of Nevada City’s First Baptist Church, where a deep sea fish dinner, paired with fresh local field greens and a quinoa salad, was served.

Pianist, and Sierra Roots client, Charles Lang provided entertainment during the evening by providing a musical interlude.

Lang was introduced by Janice O’Brien before dinner and explained that he suffered from a mental crisis while enrolled at the UC Davis philosophy program before landing in his current situation.

“I moved into a small travel trailer — tiny house — in the spring of 2017,” Lang’s comments read. “That experience has brought me great and continuing challenges in finding locations to park that allow for productivity. Safe locations where police, residents, and property owners are willing to strike peace.”

Founded in 2011, Sierra Roots’ members believe in the housing-first approach in helping homeless back into homes.

“It’s smarter to give people homes and more expensive to let them hide behind Safeway,” O’Brien said.

While the entirety of money needed for the tiny house village wasn’t raised during the inaugural Dare to Dream event, Sierra Roots has a picnic fundraiser planned for Lake Wildwood in September.

“It takes a while to build things,” Masteller said. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

For more information see http://www.SierraRoots.org or call (530) 751-3263.

To contact Multimedia Reporter Elias Funez email efunez@theunion.com, or call 530-477-4230.

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