County CEO: Community trash collection stops offer alternative option |

County CEO: Community trash collection stops offer alternative option

​In rural Nevada County, there are many narrow roads which can’t be served by trash collection vehicles. In those areas, neighbors bring their trash and recycling cans to a single, more accessible location, called a community stop.

According to a weekly memo from Nevada County CEO Rick Haffey, in some cases, residents are leaving their cans at community stops and not returning them to their houses after collection day. Nevada County does not mandate that residents remove their cans from a community stop after the collection day. However, some residents are bringing trash to their community stop cans well before collection day. Animals often disrupt the full cans, spreading trash throughout our neighborhoods.

As a courtesy to neighbors living near community stops and to help keep our community clean, Haffey said the county encourages residents to take their cans home after collection day. In locations where this can be difficult, there are several alternatives available. Waste Management can provide smaller recycling cans at the request of the customer. In places where a smaller can would allow a resident to bring the can home after collection day, residents can call Waste Management at 274-3090 to request a smaller recycling can.

It may be possible for Waste Management to provide house pickup in some areas currently served by a community stop. In cases where residents believe it may be possible for Waste Management to pick up trash right at their house, we ask that they call Waste Management to reevaluate the existing service stops.

When cans are left at community stops, we ask that residents manage their trash collection and not leave trash at a community stop for extended periods of time. County codes require that solid waste storage shall not cause health hazards, attract vermin or pests, create unpleasant odors, or create a nuisance.

For additional information, please contact Nevada County Public Works at 265-1411 or Waste Management at 274-3090.

New eDisclosure docs system implemented

​In an effort to continue the County’s commitment to transparency and process efficiency a new Online System is being rolled out to handle the collection, management and accessibility of FPPC-mandated Conflict of Interest Code and Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) submissions.

Until now, the hundreds of forms that were filed annually were stored in filing cabinets, and managed on a 20+ year old software application in addition to various lists and small databases.

A short list of the new features and benefits to this online system are:

— Notification, management and tracking of annual Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) filings.

— Automatic filing requirement notification, management and tracking of assuming and leaving office statements.

— Streamlined preparation and management of Conflict of Interest Code Amendments and Biennial Reviews.

— Image-enabled to store and retrieve electronic copies of filings.

— Barcode technology to streamline the document scanning process.

— Electronic notifications for filers whose email addresses are stored in the system.

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