Commentary: If you really want it, you can be me |

Commentary: If you really want it, you can be me

You may know me … I am sweet.

I come in cans, not cant’s.

With dedication, focus and perseverance you may have me.

As I start first in your mind I can ultimately become your life experience.

I am different things to different people.

People equate me to wealth, position, honors, even power; I am all that and more, much more.

Many try to climb my ladder.

Many attempt to travel the road marked with my name.

A large percent of me can be achieved by simply showing up, so there is no need to show off.

Many perceive my opposite to be failure, though failure often enables me to be.

Failure becomes me as long as you get up one more time than you are down.

A few actually aim for me, some only dream of me, most just hope for me.

Those who don’t achieve much or only come close to me claim they have a fear of me.

Many say luck is the largest part of becoming me; just ask any loser.

I am more about being than I am doing, though you must do to be me.

I am not an achievement, rather I am the way to be in order to achieve.

Many hallucinate I will make them happy. However, the happier you are the easier it is to be me.

So, don’t wait for me in order to be happy. Be happy now and you will be me soon enough.

Your ego may keep you from becoming truly me.

The only real way to negate me is to give up.

Just do what you love, believe in yourself and I will come naturally.

If you can say, without reservation, that you do your best, then you are me.


Make it up, make it fun and make it happen!

Best-selling author Machen P. MacDonald is a certified life and business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley. Contact him at and (530) 273-8000.

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