Climate change doubter gives $1K to Duane Strawser’s campaign |

Climate change doubter gives $1K to Duane Strawser’s campaign

Board of Supervisor candidate Duane Strawser has received a $1,000 campaign contribution from Diamond Properties, LLC, a company that records show is connected to a man who has called global warming a “hoax.”

Strawser on Wednesday reported the contribution from the Grass Valley company. Frank Pinney is listed by the California Secretary of State as the agent of Diamond P. Properties, LLC, 11079 Empire Star Mine Road.

Pinney in November bought a full-page ad in The Union titled “Global Warming Hoax,” which attacked man-made climate change. He’s also written a Letter to the Editor critical of Heidi Hall, who’s running against Strawser for the District 1 supervisor seat.

“I feel that Heidi Hall is an unqualified and inexperienced candidate,” Pinney said when contacted Wednesday, adding that he believes Hall has a history of not telling the truth.

“She’s got no experience,” Pinney added moments later.

Contacted Wednesday, Strawser said his volunteers handle his campaign contributions. He didn’t know about the contribution from Diamond Properties.

Strawser said the board needs a supervisor who will listen to everyone and not pick adversaries, noting he has supporters with clashing political beliefs.

“I knew from the beginning that I was going to take some hits,” he said.

Hall at last week’s District 1 political forum pointed to one of Strawser’s contributors, Americans for Good Government, claiming the campaign’s tenor changed when a Tea Party-affiliated group backed her opponent.

“This concerns me,” Hall said about the Diamond Properties contribution. “I’m astonished that he would take money from people that reject science outright.”

Hall has received $1,000 in contributions from Judith A. Lowry-Croul, who lists “artist” as her occupation; and $1,500 from the Nevada County Democratic Women’s Club.

Pinney’s Nov. 9 ad in the newspaper attacked man-made climate change, and Hall.

“Environmental fearmongering is the hammer being used to implement UN Agenda 21 and a New UN World Order with Universal Health Care, right to housing, worldwide wealth redistribution, private property elimination, closed public lands and enforced compliance from local, state and federal governments,” the ad stated. “Heidi Hall worked in the EPA while they brought some of these things about.

“Hysteria and fearmongering is no way to conduct energy or environmental policy,” the ad continued. “Man-caused global warming hoaxers are relying on the stupidity of all Americans to give up their freedom and their country to the UN scam in Paris in December.”

The Paris climate conference resulted in 195 countries agreeing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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