Claude: There is a big old monkey with his tail cut off |

Claude: There is a big old monkey with his tail cut off

Editor’s Note: As Claude Dawson’s thoughts turn to the end of the war, he writes about wanting to go fishing, and we learn he had lived on a ranch with his grandmother. He also talks about wildlife living near the camp in this missive published as he wrote it.

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14 June 1945


By this time you are back to our home in the city. And I’ll bet right now you are relaxing in my big chair, I don’t mind if you use it once in a while but don’t break it. Received a nice long typed letter, I guess the last one I will received from the North. I hope that someday we can go trout fishing together, truthfully, I’ve never fished for anything but cat fish and callico bass. Had lots of luck with cat fish, on the Sacramento River back in ’20. Grandma and I lived on a ranch at Dutton. A train stop. Most kids don’t have talent for the piano, but its practice and perseverance that make the pianist. Isabel and Dorothy had what might be called a slight talent for playing, and look what happened to them. So if Pat just keeps at it she will probably wind up a better pianist then the average.

Last night I saw Laird Cregar in “Hangover Square,” it had some very good music, composed just for the picture, it was really on the heavy side, I’m glad to see them turn out something worth while in that line once in a while. The picture was’nt so good, the usual psycopathic killer type. George Sanders did’nt have much to do, too bad. He is about the best actor down there. Tonight there showing “Since You Went Away”, that super production of Selsnick’s, Cotton and Colbert are in it.

Received a letter from “Time”, telling me how sorry they were that there was such a delay in the mag. starting. Also told me to be patient it was on its way, someday!

What have you heard from Fay and Mel lately? They must be regular Chicagoans by now. Pretty soon they will like it so well back there that they won’t want to come back to the City. I hope that Mel is able to stay where he is, with his rate there’s a very good chance of it, incidentally did he make first yet? I wish the Navy would invoke a point system for discharging. Especially for the men who have attained age 35. Wouldn’t that be something. We had a few men who were eligible for discharge under the 42 law. But very few.

Right out in back of the hut in which I live there is an enormous Aguana, (lizard) and every night at 1800 he climbs one of the trees. We can’t get very close to the tree on the account of the stagnant water. But we would like to catch him for a pet. Also in the same tree there is a big old monkey with his tale cut off. We call the Aguana “Albert”, but he does’nt come when we call him. We use to have (some of the fellows) monkey’s for pets, but the medics make them get rid of them on account of possible disease that they (the monkey’s) might carry. The monkey’s don’t like the Philippinoes, and when they get a chance they jump at them and try to bite.

Will close now little sweetheart. … Hope I get a nice letter from you today.

I love you,


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