Cash cow: Bear River High School agriculture students rake in at fair |

Cash cow: Bear River High School agriculture students rake in at fair

Bear River's Livestock and Agriculture Mechanics teams performed very well at this year's Nevada County Fair. In addition to numerous ribbons and awards, the teams collectively raised over $163,000.
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It was a successful run at this year’s Nevada County Fair for Bear River High School’s Future Farmers of America and Agriculture Mechanics teams.

With the sale of livestock, students in Bear River’s FFA program walked away with over $135,000 in profit. The ag mechanics team — which sold its numerous projects, ranging from foot bridges to outdoor swings – took in an additional $25,850.

Bear River ag instructor Morgan Perry said that the numbers are huge, and the money goes straight to the students who raised the animals and crafted the items.

“The money that the kids get from the fair (auctions) goes directly into their pockets,” Perry said. “That does not come to the department at all.”

Perry said a majority of the money raised through the fair goes toward reimbursement for feed and the initial purchase of the animal. Some kids take out loans to get their livestock, and many of them use their money to buy their next animal.

Though the fair numbers are impressive, Perry said that her department is always in need of additional funds in order to facilitate travel for students to state and national competitions. Still, she said, she is incredibly proud of her students and the community who supports them.

“Those (sales) numbers are insane,” she said. “I don’t expect, ever, the numbers we sometimes get. We have such an incredibly supportive community.”

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