Following are all western Nevada County candidates who had filed for office by the Wednesday deadline.

Fire protection

district boards

Higgins Area Fire Protection District

• Michael A. Bryant, Auburn

• John L. Boykin Jr., Grass Valley

• Joseph Sherron, Grass Valley

Nevada County Consolidated Fire District

• John Leonard, Grass Valley

• Melvin W. Mouser, Nevada City

• Sherman R. Hanley, Nevada City

• Ralph Hitchcock, Nevada City

North San Juan Fire Protection District

• Edwin Beckenbach, North San Juan

• Robert E. Paulus Jr., Nevada City

• Frank A. Machi, Nevada City

• Pat Leach, Nevada City

Ophir Hill Fire District

• Beverly J. Martin, Grass Valley

• Andrew Goodrich, Grass Valley

• Kevin Menet, Grass Valley

• Frank Sousa, Grass Valley

Peardale-Chicago Park Fire District

• Cheryl L. Domnitch, Grass Valley

• Alvin Urke, Grass Valley

• John F. Felde, Grass Valley

Penn Valley Fire Protection District

• Richard John Nolle, Penn Valley

• Greg Fultz, Penn Valley

• J. Mark Frederick, Penn Valley

• Bob Webster, Penn Valley

• Kurt Grundel, Penn Valley

• Randall Castro, Penn Valley

Rough and Ready Fire Protection District

• Sheridan H. Loungway, Rough and Ready

• Jack Henderson, Rough and Ready

• Jerry Allen Tittle Sr., Rough and Ready

School districts

Chicago Park School District

• Nancy Dewey, Grass Valley

• Edward Bourne, Jr., Chicago Park

Clear Creek Elementary School District

• Rita Hendrickson, Penn Valley

• David Wallace, Grass Valley

• Robert Bielen, Grass Valley

Grass Valley School District

• Thomas J. Petitt, Grass Valley

• Frank Bennallack, Grass Valley

Nevada City School District

• Patricia Gerving, Nevada City

• Paula S. Campbell, Nevada City

Nevada County Board of Education

• John A. Smoak – Trustee Area 2

• Joseph “Buck” Stovall – Trustee Area 2

• Marianne Slade-Troutman – Trustee

Area 3

Nevada Joint Union High School District

• Katy Schwarz – Trustee Area 3

• Thomas Kays – Trustee Area 3

• Fredrick “Mark” Heauser – Trustee Area 4

• Vicki Downs – Trustee Area 4

• George Berrier, Jr. – Trustee Area 4

Pleasant Ridge Union School District

• Roger White, Auburn

• Richard Lyon, Grass Valley

• Pat Jones, Grass Valley

• Terry Madsen

Pleasant Valley School District

• Tina Skrukrud

• Denise Loberg

Ready Springs Union School District

• Amanda Wilcox, Penn Valley

• Jill Woods, Penn Valley

Sierra Joint Community College District

• David W. Parker, Nevada City – Trustee Area 7

• Aaron Klein – Trustee Area 7

• Scott Leslie – Trustee Area 3

• Robert Tomasini – Trustee Area 3

• Jerry Simmons – Trustee Area 4

Twin Ridges Elementary School District

• John Lee Kozlar, Nevada City

• Corina Lee Loving-Mills, Washington

• Cindy Foxfoot, Nevada City

• Dawn Thayer, Nevada City

• Doreen Fogle, Nevada City

Union Hill School District

• Gerald F. Martini, Grass Valley

• Dorothy J. Goodnow, Grass Valley

• Thomas Juan Browne, Grass Valley

• Patti Carter, Grass Valley

• Jason Onaga, Grass Valley

Special districts

Bear River Recreation and Park District

• Nancy Guerland, Auburn

• Kara Johnson, Auburn

• William Stone, Auburn

• Merlin Elders, Grass Valley

• William Stone

• Tony Clarabut, Grass Valley

• Vincent J. Cardinale, Grass Valley

Beyers Lane Community Services District

• Steve Hurliman, Grass Valley

Mystic Mine Road Community Service District

• Sushila Mertens, Nevada City

• Jennie Longmire, Nevada City

• Richard Robertshaw, Nevada City

Nevada County Resource Conservation District

• Robert G. Ingram, Grass Valley

• David Vertin, Nevada City

• Jon Shillingm Grass Valley

• Kenneth Roberts

Nevada Irrigation District

• Nick Wilcox – Division 5

• George Leipzig – Division 5

• “Jack” Meeks – Division 5

• Scott Miller – Division 3

San Juan Ridge Recreation and Park District

• Heather Donesky, Nevada City

San Juan Ridge County Water District

• Michele Roush, North San Juan

• Rodney Statham, North San Juan

Washington County Water District

• Robert Thomas Hoskins, Washington

• Judith E. Stewart, Washington

• Deborah Marie Shipley, Washington

• Lisa Redmon, Washington

• Phillip A. Copening, Washington

Western Gateway Recreation and Park District

• James Sepeda, Rough and Ready

• Hal Jorgensen, Penn Valley

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