BOE race still too close to call |

BOE race still too close to call

Nevada County Board of Education candidate Marianne Slade-Troutman is shown Tuesday night at Smiley Guys Smokehouse.
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Local school board election results

X — Winning candidate

Nevada Joint Union High School District - 2 seats

Trustee area 1 - 1 seat

Linda Campbell — 51.6 %

James Hinman — 48.8 %

Trustee area 2 - 1 seat

X — Georgie Coulter

Clear Creek Elementary School District - 3 seats

X — Heino Nicolai

X — Tania Fisher

X — Michael McDaniel

Grass Valley School District - 3 seats

X ­—­ Bonnie Taylor

X — Paula Roediger

X — Jeanne Michael

Nevada City School District - 3 seats

X — Joshua Pack

X — Kathryn Baker Boswell

X ­— Sandy Hakala

Penn Valley Union Elementary School District- 5 seats

Tina Skrukrud — 18.5 %

Carolyn Bronson — 17.8 %

Robert Moen — 17.8 %

Ann Driver — 17.5 %

Debra Worth — 15.0 %

Nicole Van Vacas Gagnon — 13.3 %

Chicago Park School District - 3 seats

X — Charleen Dewitt

X — Dayna Wheeler

X — Joseph Henson

Pleasant Ridge Union School District - 3 seats

X — Angela Giordano

X — Laurette Muzio

X — Deanne Opdahl

Twin Ridges Elementary School District - 3 seats

Two-year term - 2 seats

X — Jessica Randolph

X — Stefanie Freydont

Four-year term - 1 seat

Mindi Morton — 29.9 %

Rebecca Wayman — 26.6 %

Ralph Henson — 25.2 %

Erika Triglia — 18.4 %

Union Hill School District - 3 seats

X — James Huber

X — Tami Stedman

X — Brian Rhodes

From the onset of this year’s Nevada County Board of Education race, it was apparent that incumbent candidate Bob Altieri had tapped candidates Larry Meek and Michelle Sexton to run as a three-slate ticket, branded as the Dream Team, in an attempt to oust sitting board members Marianne Slade-Troutman and Jack Meeks. Whether the strategy worked or not is still uncertain.

The election pitted Slade-Troutman, Altieri and Meek against each other in a race vying for two Trustee Area 1 seats on the board, while Meeks and Sexton competed for just one Trustee Area 2 seat. According to the Nevada County Elections office, though, there are still 10,000 vote-by-mail ballots still to be counted.

“It is what it is,” Altieri said. “It’s not over until it’s over, and it is close. So I’m not sure, it could go either way as far as Marianne and I are concerned.”

The current vote totals for the Trustee Area 1 race have Meek with 31.4 percent of the vote, Altieri with 27.7 percent, and Slade-Troutman close behind with 27.2 percent. More than 1,000 votes separate Meek from Slade-Troutman, but only 118 votes separate Altieri from Slade- Troutman.

Meek attributed his election day success to running as part of the three-slate ticket, and said as a board member he will bring a willingness to work with Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermansen.

“We kind of played off each other’s strengths as a slate,” Meek said Tuesday night. “There’s so many areas of the county I know I wasn’t particularly strong in, but others were. I think people also, if they read the material that was published and saw what people stood for, I think that people came out and voted what they thought was the right thing to do.”

As the longest-standing member of the board, Slade-Troutman has been a trustee since 1980. She could not be reached for comment.

As of 11:14 p.m. Tuesday, 100 percent of precincts reported Sexton as the other likely winner recording more than 60 percent of the vote in the Trustee Area 2 race, most likely defeating Meeks, who has been a trustee for 20 years.

“I think Jack has worked hard over the years to serve his community. But I know I’m of a certain reputation in the educational community and possibly due to my success and reputation in my field, it may have helped with my campaign,” Sexton said. “I feel grateful to the voters and thankful for their confidence in me, and I’ll just work hard to earn that and invest in all our kids and schools over the next four years.”

Meeks could not be reached for comment.

During the election, Slade-Troutman and Meeks stressed the importance of fiscal transparency and oversight in their role as board members, in particular focusing on the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools travel expenses and charter school budgetary management.

Altieri, Meek and Sexton, though, contended that the board needs more collaboration, claiming their opponents focused on trivial budgetary issues, as opposed to the larger portions of the county’s operational budget that the board oversees. On Tuesday, Altieri said that he hopes the final election results reflect the current total, but admits there is still a long ways until things are finalized.

“Whatever will be, will be,” Altieri said. “The closer the race, the longer it will take to get the final results. This could take up to a week before we know who the winners are.”

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