Ben Emery: The right candidate |

Ben Emery: The right candidate

For the first time in a long time there is a viable political candidate in our midst. His name is Ben Emery.

What makes him qualified to run for Congress is the fact that he is the only candidate for this position who actually lives in California’s 4th district.

What is the significance of this, you may ask? Well, it truly represents everything Mr. Emery is fighting for. He is fighting for the citizens of California’s 4th district – for the citizens who are sick and tired of a representative who doesn’t represent them.

How could the incumbent, Tom McClintock, represent us when his son, given a high school assignment to write his congressman, did not write his own father. Because McClintock does not live in our district.

How can he represent us when he doesn’t pay the same taxes we do, when he doesn’t have the same district attorney that we do? He cannot, and he doesn’t.

It is because of this man, that Ben Emery is running. He is fed up with the career politicians of today. These men who care not about their contingents, but only care about furthering their own personal success.

Ben Emery is not only a viable candidate, but the right candidate. He is fighting for the people because he is a part of the people. He believes in the American way, he lives for democracy, but he cannot stand there and watch as the machine politicians take away the democracy we deserve.

It is for these reasons that we must vote “Ben for 2010” – not only because he is the only viable candidate, but because he is the right candidate.

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