Beason: Diaz got negative |

Beason: Diaz got negative

Recent rain showers in Nevada County moistened the earth and left plenty of mud for slinging three days before the March 2 primary election.

Though candidates have vowed to keep the Nevada County Board of Supervisors’ election free of the type of attack-campaigning seen in the 2002 races, District 1 candidate Nate Beason said his opponent Olivia Diaz has broken that pledge with a recent mailer.

Diaz, who is competing with Beason and Josh Ramey for the District 1 seat currently held by Peter Van Zant, recently sent out a two-sided mailer accusing Beason of misleading voters about his positions and only pretending to be a middle-of-the-road candidate.

Diaz said she simply wanted voters to know who her opponent really is.

“We each have a record. I wanted to publish what his record is because I don’t think he has made it clear,” Diaz said.

“I have conducted my campaign on three principles: Say what is in your heart, run on what you believe, and let the people know what the other guy is doing.”

The mailer says Beason claims to be “a man who listens to both sides and tries to find common ground (but) his own words tell a different story.”

The mailer quotes Beason from several opinion columns he wrote for The Union in 2002.

In one, he is quoted as saying ” … leftist and left-leaning functionaries on the Board of Supervisors spewing, to wretched excess, the same old misleading nonsense.”

Beason said the quotes have been butchered and taken out of context.

“They’re not lies; they’re misleading,” Beason said of Diaz’s statements. “You have to understand the context.

“I regret that Ms. Diaz has dishonored her pledge to run an honest and clean campaign.”

The full quote, in a Sept. 28 column critical of the board’s liberal-minded incumbents, is:

“We have the Rural Quality Coalition’s chief apologist for its leftist and left-leaning functionaries on the Board of Supervisors spewing, to wretched excess, the same old misleading nonsense: The challengers in the election are extremists and their election will ensure an end to life as we know it. If you don’t practice the absolutist policies as defined by the RQC, you’re an extremist. Please!”

Diaz’s mailer also said Beason seeks support from California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners and encourages the study of a “Super Sewer” to aid developments along Highway 49.

Beason confirmed Thursday he spoke at a CABPRO picnic – along with District 5 candidate Ted Owens – and asked for their support. But he did the same in front of the Rotary Club and other groups, he said.

“I always ask for support. They make it seem like I specifically sought out CABPRO,” Beason said.

Beason said that while Diaz points him out as seeking support from the pro-development association, CABPRO, she received a contribution from Brian Bisnett, the lead planner of the large Kenny Ranch development proposal.

The quotes blanketing the mailer were taken out of context and their meaning changed, Beason said.

For instance, the quote, “… let’s have a study” is listed as Beason’s response to the idea of the “Super Sewer.” The full quote, from a Feb. 11 interview with The Union editorial board, is:

“A study doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to have a super sewer. Does this mean I advocate a super sewer? Not necessarily. I’m saying, let’s have a study. The study may say this is the wrong path to choose.”

Beason said he has received calls from voters who said they changed their vote in his favor because of Diaz’s negative mailer.

“She violated the pledge with this mailer,” Beason said. “She went negative; she’s accountable.”

Ron Migleo, who lives in District 3 but is vocally supporting Beason, said he is among those who won’t tolerate negative campaigns. Migleo said he has previously voted against a candidate because of negative ads.

However, voter Brooke Graham said her allegiance to Diaz’s campaign was solidified because of the mailer.

“Nate has put himself out as a very middle-of-the-road, solution-oriented person. I was thinking if Olivia doesn’t win, he wouldn’t be so bad,” Graham said. “But he’s clearly aligned himself with heavy-handed folks who are not willing to reason. It really woke me up.”

Beason said he doesn’t plan to send out literature in response to Diaz’s mailer.

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