Bear River High School names interim principal |

Bear River High School names interim principal

In the wake of losing principal Amy Besler, Bear River High School has chosen a successor, albeit on a temporary basis.

Longtime Nevada County educator Bruce Kinseth has been selected as Bear River’s interim principal until a permanent replacement for Besler can be chosen.

Besler announced her resignation Aug. 15 after accepting a position with Elk Grove Unified School District.

Kinseth’s first day as interim principal was Sept. 4, and her term is expected to last around six weeks.

During a meeting of the Nevada Joint Union High School board of trustees Wednesday, Kinseth thanked the board for the opportunity to serve in the position, and said he was honored to be serving as principal.

“I’ve always known Bear River is a good school,” Kinseth said. “I’m only here short term until our new principal comes on board, but my goal is to take all this inertia that Bear River has, and just keep it moving forward.”

Nevada Union superintendent Brett McFadden said Kinseth is fitting in well in his new job.

“We were fortunate to get Bruce to come out of retirement,” McFadden said. “He has been the right fit for an interim leader at the very right time.”

Kinseth retired from Nevada Union in 2013 after serving the school as a science teacher and eventually as assistant principal. By all accounts, he is enjoying retirement but was happy to step up to help lead Bear River.

“My wife tells me she has to pull me down from the ceiling every day when I come home because I’m so excited about what I’ve seen happening on this campus,” said Kinseth.

Jennifer Nobles is a staff writer for The Union. She can be reached at or at 530-477-4231.

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