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‘Ask NevCo’ is a new method of contacting Nevada County about problems

Snow on your street needs plowing? Turns out there is an app for that.

The Ask Nevada County app, and website, is an alternative to picking up the phone and calling a county employee about snow, potholes or another service requests. It allows residents to use their smart phones and computers to contact the county, pinpoint the problem and follow the progress until it’s fixed.

“We have seen a huge uptick in the use of our website,” Josh Pack, the county’s principal civil engineer, told the Nevada County Board of Supervisors last week. “Feel free to start reporting.”

Pack pointed to last week’s snow as the cause of a recent success story for Ask Nevada County.

A homeowner near Gold Hill Drive saw county plows nearby. The plows left before reaching her road, leading her to contact the county through its website, Pack said.

The homeowner didn’t realize the plows left to handle an emergency elsewhere. The contact through Ask Nevada County allowed quick communication and the return of the plows the following day, he added.

“That was a great opportunity to interact with someone,” Pack said.

The online service can be reached at http://www.mynevadacounty.com. Users should scroll down and look for the Ask NevCo icon on the right.

Alternatively, they can search for “Ask Nevada County” in the app store on the smart phones and download it for free.

Users can select the type of request they’re making, include photos of the issue and use a map of the county to pinpoint the problem area. Additionally, people can see service requests others have made and check on their progress.

“I’m constantly submitting requests through this app,” said Trisha Tillotson, director of the county’s Public Works Department.

The county launched the service last August. Since Feb. 27 it’s had 1,142 service requests, with 93 percent of those related to road maintenance.

The service costs $15,000 a year. Funding comes from the county’s Community Development Agency budget, Pack said.

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