Air quality for Nevada County to suffer through Friday |

Air quality for Nevada County to suffer through Friday

Forecasts of heavy smoke drifting into the area have led air quality and public health officials to issue warnings for Nevada, Sierra and Plumas counties through Friday.

Smoke moving in from wildfires will drift across the counties during the day and settle in low areas at night. The fine particulate matter in smoke can cause headaches, nausea, coughing and chest pain. Those with respiratory problems, as well as children and the elderly, are advised to stay indoors.

"You can tell — it's hazy outside," said Joe Fish, deputy air pollution control officer with the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District. "When you see this kind of haze, that means there's particles in the air. They can get into the deepest part of your lungs."

Most particles never make it past the nose, Fish said.

"With smoke, you get a lot of fine particles," he added.

Regardless of health, people are advised to limit their outdoor activities through Friday. They should stay indoors, close the windows and use the "recirculate" feature on their air-conditioner, if possible. People should drink lots of water and avoid additional smoke from sources like cigarettes and barbecues.

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