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Where to find best Christmas lights in Nevada County 2018

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Christmas lights of various colors
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas all throughout western Nevada County.

As the season nears, and the holiday lights shine bright in the night, The Union is looking for some suggestions on your favorite Christmas decorations and light displays.

You can add the addresses of your favorite displays to our holiday lights finder map below. Share the location, a photo if possible, and a few words about the display to help others also enjoy the decorations throughout our community.

Map colors denote the year they were added.
Most lights displays return every year, but not all do.

  • 2015 = Blue
  • 2016 = Purple
  • 2017 = Red
  • 2018 = Orange

The Union may publish some of the best photos with a list of the top attractions to enjoy this season.

Lights header

ADD addresses to the map
In the upper right corner of the map below, click the “Add” buttion. In the resulting screen, the the full street address in the ‘Location’ field. All the homes on the map will be the official list shared with our readers. Anyone can add addresses to the map.

GO out and look at the lights!
Take this map with you as you travel about the county looking at the lights displays.

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[iframe frameborder=0 style=’width:100%;height:650px’ src=’//www.zeemaps.com/pub?group=762760&nopdf=1&simpleadd=1&x=-121.074268&y=39.233843&z=6′]

You can see this map full screen.


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