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A message from the Nevada County Elections Office

At our polling places (Tuesday) morning, some voters did not appear on our electronic rosters (E-Poll Books) when our poll workers entered their first and last names in the E-Poll Book.

When this occurs, our poll workers are trained to use the paper “master” roster to search for the voter. In most cases, the voter was found and issued a ballot. Some of our poll workers asked the voter to vote a provisional ballot. I would like our voters to know that all provisional ballots are processed by our office, and every ballot that is entitled to be tallied will count and will be tallied.

Of course our vendor was notified immediately and we engaged in a conference call at 3:15 p.m. Tuesday. Our vendor let us know when the data from the Voter Registration system was encrypted and downloaded for deployment on the individual poll books some fields within voter records were “zeroed-out” within the E-Poll Book records: in some cases first name, in some cases last name, and in some cases, date of birth. In each case there was still sufficient information to accurately identify the voter, and all data in the poll book was accurate. The difficulty matching against missing fields caused confusion for poll workers and voters. Overall, less than 9 percent of voters had any blank field show (usually first name). A very small percentage of voters that had not yet voted (less than 0.25 percent, 185 in total) were missing key identifiers in both name and date of birth, and none (0 percent) were missing address information. When poll workers were notified to search voters by address, all voters were found without issue.

Many voters were upset and angry when their names were not found. For that, I personally apologize.

My emphasis here is that every ballot cast by a duly registered Nevada County Voter will be processed and tallied. Your vote will count!

Voter turnout has been extremely high (Tuesday). I want to thank all voters for participating in our Democracy by voting.

Gregory J. Diaz is Nevada County Clerk-Recorder Registrar of Voters.

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