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20 years of Friendship: Dan Castles (VIDEO)

Editor’s note: As The Friendship Club celebrates its 20th anniversary of service, community members are sharing their perspective on what the organization means to western Nevada County.

Dan Castles

Donor, President/CEO, Telestream Inc.

Dan Castles, co-founder and current president and CEO of Telestream, has been a proud longtime donor and supporter of The Friendship Club. As the father of two daughters, he knows personally how The Friendship Club has helped his daughter’s friends and peers, while also helping to improve classroom conditions. He also understands that such a unique program as The Friendship Club, which is administered to so many young girls, takes planning and resources. He encourages those who have the ability to become long-term donors to do so and make a difference in both the community and the lives of these girls.

What brought you to The Friendship Club?

Mary Collier was the one who first introduced me to The Friendship Club, which was very new at that time. She reached out and I met (Executive Director) Jenn (Singer) and we went through the initial goals and philosophies of the club back then. I was also familiar with the organization because of my personal involvement in the school system, having my two daughters in grade school. Even then, you could see the value of the organization. I have always been a huge supporter of what they are trying to do.

What has The Friendship Club meant to you?

It is a very credible arm in the community that touches a broad swath of young people. The Friendship Club says for every girl they help, there are other friends and people of influence around that particular girl who also benefit from the program. So when The Friendship Club may directly involve 75 to 100 girls, the reach is way beyond that, into the hundreds. I look at that and having known some of the girls in The Friendship Club, again having girls go through the school system, I could see the change of girls going from having low self-esteem to having goals and aspirations. It is one thing to understand The Friendship Club philosophically and it is another thing to actually see it as I did with my daughters and a couple of their friends, how it can work. And now that they are grown and out of school, I’m back as a supporter.

Why should others support The Friendship Club?

When I look at the community and think about why others should support The Friendship Club, number one is all about giving back; as a company, Telestream is all about giving back. There are more kids that are in challenging home situations than most people think or are aware of. The Friendship Club is a very unique approach to taking these kids at a very influential age and offering them hope and structure and tools they can carry forth, not just while they are here, but when they go on to college or contributing vocations after school. The critical mass aspect shouldn’t be lost on anyone, there are enough girls that are in this program, and as I mentioned earlier, that are in direct contact with other girls and boys they know, that could use that influence; that positive vibe is badly needed in our schools right now. So I ask, how do you not support The Friendship Club?

For more information, or to help guide a girl to a better future by making a donation, visit http://www.FriendshipClub.org or call 530-265-4311.

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