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100 years ago

John Dunster, working on the bars at the Armory gymnasium, fell and badly hurt a ligament in his neck.

Al E. Williams plunged 1,740 feet down a shaft at the Central Mine. His body was torn to shreds in the awful fall.

A terrific storm cleared out by the 4th, but rain again on the 9th and 12th. Clear after.

Raging winds swept through the county, the worse anyone can ever remember here. Rain, sleet, snow and a terrific gale. Wires down, trolley cars immobile, several houses crushed by trees. In Rough and Ready, pole after pole was leveled to the ground and miles of timber flattened in the up country. The narrow gauge kept an engine fired up just to clear track of fallen trees.

In New York, thieves and pickpockets have formed a union for their mutual protection.

A new disease has manifested itself here. Known as the German measles, it is mild and no quarantine is required.

California lions are especially active in the Freeman’s Crossing area and people are being cautious in the evening.

Word from a Hudson Bay outpost said that Andree, the Swedish balloonist who disappeared two years ago, was killed by Esquimaux who, seeing a strange apparition descending from the sky with armed men aboard, killed them all.

John Dunstan was rescued from a fearful death after plunging down an abandoned 60-foot shaft on Gold Hill. Someone passing by heard his cries and got him out.

After a long illness, James Hoskings, 58, passed away. He was a native of Cornwall.

Some Nevadans arrived the other day looking at the possibility of using Donner Lake as a water source for summer irrigation in Nevada.

Father Twomey of Smartsville was swept to his death in Dry Creek as he tried to cross in his buggy. The good priest was on his way to Rackerby to celebrate Mass.

W. J. Richards, on his way to James Hoskings’ funeral, died of a heart attack.

Boers capture Methuen. The disaster shakes the British Empire.

Matthew Burth’s body was found in a snowdrift in Sierra County. He had been anxious to get back to his home in Poker Flat and left in the middle of the storm.

The Senate is considering a bill preventing Chinese entry in the country that will exclude them absolutely.

The annual Easter egg hunt will be held for the children of the Episcopalian Church.

A farm in Lake City has started to sink as have parts of a road, a hayfield and a house. Quicksand and water seepage is blamed.

Warrants out for the arrest of four to six youngsters, ages 14 to 16, for burglary.

British agents are buying horses in Montana. They find the hardy cayuse almost tireless over the roughest ground, hour after hour keeping up the swinging gate peculiar to the range horse.

Four boys, Willie Gribbens, James Eddy, Calvin Brown and Thomas Allen, pleaded guilty to burglary. Their tender years will probably save them.

Provisions growing out of the Hague peace conference would outlaw dum-dum bullets and the use of poisons against troops.

Miss Emma Nevada, born in nearby Alpha, will perform at the Nevada Theatre.

A benefit is being held at the Armory for John Dunster, who was hurt in an accident there recently.

Gen. Otis said Filipinos are not capable of governing themselves and won’t be for 100 years.

The funeral of little Feline Ozalli was held yesterday at St. Patrick’s Church.

Excitement in Nevada City. Samuel Garrett, the hotel waiter, was under suspicion in a missing-man case in San Francisco. He finally convinced the officers he was a victim of circumstantial evidence and was released.

Senate passes a bill authorizing the death penalty for anyone who assassinates or attempts to assassinate the president.

Nevada City will soon have a boys band.

Four Hatfields were killed in West Virginia in a continuation of their feud with the McCoys.

Father Hines is the new pastor for Smartsville.

In Tonawanda, N.Y., a wealthy farmer, in a fit of jealousy, tied his young wife to a post near a vicious bull. She was discovered later frightfully mangled to death. Her husband was captured and only doubts to his sanity prevented his lynching.

A tailor came through here sometime back, taking orders and money deposits on new suits for Easter. He accepted shekels for raiment and, behold, Easter came and the raiment came not. Next time, buy locally.

Drs. Tickell, Jones and Hinkson operated on 8-year-old Andy Jones of Willow Valley for appendicitis. It is doubtful the lad will survive.

In Salt Lake,the supreme court approved death sentences for Lynch and King, convicted of murdering Col. Prowse, a well-known sporting character and gambling house owner.

In Sacramento, E. C. Dodge and R. C. Woods fought a draw-and-shoot duel over Dodge’s daughter, whom Dodge said Woods had ruined. Dodge was killed.

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