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100 years ago in Nevada County

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

A team ran furiously for 12 blocks last night, down Auburn to Neal, to Church, to School, to Main, to Washington, to Richardson and into Purcell’s stable. Nothing hit, nothing damaged.

Immigrant Japanese are assured by Washington that there is no danger of war between the U.S. and Japan.

Nevada City’s splendid new automobile pumper was demonstrated in Grass Valley yesterday.

The broad-gauging of the Narrow Gauge tracks has been completed between Colfax and the Bear River gravel plant.

Automobiles are no longer barred from Yosemite National Park but entrance fees will be charged.

Light rain around the first and again, off and on, through the 20th. Then hot until rains again around the 27th.

Mary Down, 13, recants her charges last month against Phil Hodge and Norman Penrose — case dismissed.

A new alien land bill will apply to all aliens and will give them six years to own land.

Workings on the Rainbow mine on Kanaka Creek were wiped out by a fire — $10,000 loss.

Labor leader Samuel Gompers found guilty of contempt of court — 30 days or $500.

A.B. Foote — now in charge of the North Star and Champion mines as his father, A.D. Foote, retires.

Great shortstop Hans Wagner, may not be able to play again — bad cartilage in his knees. He has batted over .300 for 16 years.

Dr. Josiah Sims retires after 40 years serving the local Congregational church.

In Europe, a Dr. Seymore claims he can revive the body of explorer Cook, still buried in the frozen north. He prepares an expedition and claims to have brought frozen ‘dead’ dogs back to life with his method.

Auburn votes to remain wet.

The wooden Indian in front of the Giffin and Hays cigar factory on Broad Street is missing a left arm — Burt Ivey’s boy, riding a bike on the sidewalk, collided with it.

A lively fire gutted the “Palace” resort yesterday in Nevada City — the women inmates there had a narrow escape. Thought to have started in an electric piano.

Millions in property damaged caused by militant Suffragettes in England and more riots bomb throwing are promised.

The body of Sebastian Shorer, lost in January’s snowstorm, was discovered.

James Cann and William Curry met instant death in the Idaho-Maryland mine when a timber set gave way.

Secretary of the Interior Lane recommends that the land now being claimed for mineral rights west of town, and presently occupied by the Digger Indians, be set aside for them.

Clarence Price was involved in an auto smash-up on Mill Street and was pitched through the windshield.

E. Kelly, a PG&E teamster, was killed near Colfax when his wagon overturned.

D.F. Sailor, Chicago Park postmaster, was injured at the Sales-Floto circus in Colfax when a section of bleachers gave way.

A permit has been obtained to resume hydraulicing in the old Blue Danube mine — a nearby pit will be used for holding tailings.

D.A. Moffite has a broken back resulting from a surrey going over a grade after the horses were scared by an oncoming auto.

The Japanese government wishes to know why Californians object to the presence of their people here.

Power company workers are striking.

B. Saunders Walker, a Macon, Ga. banker, took bichloride of mercury thinking it medicine. His doctors say there is no hope but Walker, resigned to his fate, got out of bed and attended his own reception.

Miss Martina Morrison to be new postmistress as Rough & Ready retains its post office.

Macon Banker Walker, still under a death sentence, said if this is dying, none need fear its terrors. He said the scene is not as unpleasant as usually pictured.

Charles Genasci was thrown from a wagon and a wheel passed over his head — condition serious.

A Long Beach pier collapses, killing 34 as it falls onto a lower section of pier.

Mrs. Lillian Prout, 22, a young mother, passes away in Grass Valley.

War looms again in the Balkans as Serbia delivers an ultimatum to Bulgaria.

Word has it the new owners on the Narrow Gauge will enlarge the gauge to standard and make the road electric.

A Memorial Day service for Soldiers of the Cross will be held at the Methodist church to honor those who have blazed the trail for Christianity.

Banker Walker dies in Georgia.

Another rumor — Narrow Gauge may be sold to Santa Fe road.

R.D. Simpkins of Central House is attacked by a frenzied boar and suffered an injured hand.

Allies and Turkey sign a peace treaty in London.

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