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100 Hundred years ago in Nevada County

June 1907

A Timbuctoo man named Hanley had trouble with Ah You over a claim. When Hanley attempted to enter You’s home, Mrs. You hit him over the head with a pole, killing him. It’s not likely she’ll be prosecuted.

Westerners want Roosevelt – he may be nominated for a third term, like it or not.

Plans for the Fourth are picking up speed as the celebration committee forms.

The State Board of Health asks why, with 17 doctors in the county, few of the required monthly forms are being submitted especially those pertaining to infectious disease. Dr. J.T. Jones, local health officer, said only minutes are required to fill out the simple forms.

Storms around the 12th and the 21st with fair weather the rest of the month.

Mexican food is becoming quite popular. Thomas Othet, at the corner of Mill and Neal, carries a good supply of such foods.

Local miners will not strike – wage issue has been adjusted amicably.

The Native Sons Pioneer Days was a great success with 140 attendees from all over the mining country.

The city marshal read the riot act to Grass Valley’s Chinatown – no more playing fan-tan. The marshall was told that two Chinese had a falling out and were going about armed with guns but both were doing the “gumshoe kid” act and avoiding each other.

Capt. John Walker committed suicide in Biloxi, Miss. He went to Japan with Perry and served in the Confederate Navy.

John Belmont was married to Kate Mullen in North Bloomfield.

Vandals cut down trees in the Odd Fellow’s Cemetery – they’re one step above grave robbers.

The Secretary of the Interior banned motorcars from Yosemite Park – as is already the rule in Yellowstone.

J.A. Bennetts carries a good selection of Buster Brown shoes for girls and boys.

Martin Goldstien of San Francisco inspected the Holbrooke House – it may be sold.

Lake Donner is being seeded with fish. Meanwhile, the fish commissioner states the Floriston paper mill isn’t harming fish in the Truckee.

Grass Valley’s John Calvert claims to own one of two pictures of the death of President Lincoln. Eight were sold but four perished in the Chicago fire and two in the San Francisco disaster.

Miss Victoria Goodwin of London is the world’s expert female race car driver. With her girlish face, slender figure and golden hair she has completed in many races and has broken ribs and an arm. She plans to enter the Vanderbilt Cup race.

Dr. Carl T. Jones leaves for San Francisco tomorrow to spend a year at a leading hospital there.

In Marysville, all orange, lemon and hybrid trees must be destroyed to combat the white fly pest.

Frederick Trebilcox and Richard Angove were badly injured in the North Star by a rapidly descending car.

American soldiers in the Philippines captured a head chief of an outlaw band.

Al “Boxcar Bill” Anderson is in the Truckee jail for robbery.

The heavy rains aren’t good for the hay crop in the valley.

Officers are looking for a tall, slim man with graying hair who has bilked local ladies by collecting $2.50 for exclusive patterns and then not delivering the goods.

William ‘Banger’ Oliver is in jail for wife beating.

Six young boys fell 17 feet from a balcony at St. Patrick’s convent. Two may die; Anthony Duffy and Eugene Daynine.

An unusual sight in Grass Valley these days – a pack train. It came from a sheep camp on the Greenhorn.

“Salome,” a play by Oscar Wilde, will appear at the Nevada Theater.

Noted Colorado gun fighters, Claude Bartell and Bob Meldrum, were arrested for disturbing the peace in the labor unrest trials there.

Ill and despondent, Edwards Collins committed suicide at the county hospital.

Passengers narrowly escaped death when a passing freight struck a passenger train in Colfax. A coach was thrown atop an engine.

A single block of manganese steel comprises the new recorder office’s vault. It weighs 4,700 pounds.

The 10 members of the Grass Valley class of 1907 went forth into the world last evening.

The “Black Kid,” a famous lone bandit of the Yosemite region, held up the Raymond-Wawona stage.

Wing Ah Fong fell from a hay wagon near Quaker Hill and was killed.

Hunters are divided over a new license law that has gone into effect, requiring them to pay to hunt.

Joseph Smith accidentally shot himself in a finger while attempting to open an old .32 revolver in his saloon.

Truckee voters passed the bonds. The town will soon have sewers.

Olympia Park skating will now cost 25 cents – ladies free Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

A stagecoach horse, scarred by a motorcar, was killed in a runaway on the Downieville-Camptonville line.

Japan threatens a boycott of U.S. goods.

Two gentlemen from Oakland drove up here in an automobile yesterday but had to wait around for repairs when it broke down.

In Ohio, Miss Carol Wilson, 20, was having false teeth installed when the dentist kissed her three times. When she received a bill for $20, she paid $11 dollars of it, claiming the kisses were $3 each. The dentist then forcibly removed the false teeth. A judge will now decide.

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